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    International Patient Videos:
Ms. Mary Starr, USA
International Patient Videos
Ms. Mary Starr, USA
Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery

Low Cost Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery at Goa in India

Myself Mary Star from USA, I came for low cost laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery at Goa in India. I am sharing my experience of the surgery with you. “ I came across Tour2india4health Consultants website through Internet. I came to know about the things that medical tourism is doing in India. So I contacted Dr. Bojwani for low cost laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery at Goa in India and he arranged for me to come to India for the gastric bypass surgery that I needed which was not available in USA at an affordable price. Then as per their request sent all my medical reports by courier for their board certified cosmetic consultant to study and recommend the best options available for me. Dr. Bojwani responded extremely rapidly. I feel very comfortable with hospitality and I am touched with the kindness and warmth. Can you imagine a stranger in a new land without knowing anybody else? After all I feel that almost I was at home. So if you are thinking for low cost laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery at Goa in India, go for it. The hospital was incredible in terms of surgical facilities and again the attention given was second to none. As for cost I did the whole trip with first class flights, family run guesthouse accommodation, medical treatment and Incidentals for less than a quarter of the cost of the operation in England. I can recommend going for low cost laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery at Goa in India highly enough. I wouldn't hesitate to go back to India if I had the need for more medical treatment”.

Ms. Mary Starr

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