Plan Your Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in India

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease The chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD) is a serious lung disease which causes difficulty in breathing for the patients. It is a devastating disease which affects millions of people worldwide. As the disease parthenogenesis includes both the chronic pulmonary and the systematic inflammation, the anti-inflammatory effects of the systematically administered MSCs may decrease […]

Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss in India

Overview Hair loss or Alopecia is a huge problem that men and women of all ages faces today. Although hair loss is a natural process, some people lose it early in life and get a premature sense of ageing. Hair loss is far more common problem than most people would think. Causes It can be […]

Affordable Stem Cell Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis in India

Overview Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder causing joints from hand and other regions of the body causing them inflammation in pain, swelling and stiffness. Neglecting these symptoms for a longer period will lead to deformed and painful joints that do not move and there is severe pain in movement. Though the actual cause of […]

Plan Your Stem Cell Therapy for Hearing Loss in India with Tour2India4Health

Overview Hearing loss also known as hearing impairment is a partial or total inability to hear. A deaf person has little to no hearing and the hearing loss may occur in one or both the ears. Hearing problem can affect the ability to learn language in children and it can cause work related difficulties in […]

Enhance Your Look with Best Plastic Surgery Hospital in India

Overview The Plastic Surgery in India deals with the repair, reconstruction or replacement of the physical defects of either the form or the function involving the skin, cranio-maxillofacial structure, musculoskeletal system, extremities, hand, breast and trunk, extremities external genitalia or cosmetic enhancement of these areas of the body. A plastic surgeon uses the cosmetic surgical principles […]

Stem Cell Therapy for Various Diseases in India with Tour2India4health

What is Stem Cell Therapy? Of late the idea of stem cell therapy in India has become the best way of treating a wide range of ailment. Thanks to the potential and power it has to deal with a wide range of ailments found in the body in different forms. The stem cells are derived […]

Get Stem Cell Therapy for Vitiligo in India with Tour2India4Health

What is Vitiligo? Vitiligo is a skin condition causing loss of the pigmentation, this results in irregular white patches. People of all ages can be affected with this skin condition. This is caused due to lack of a chemical called as a melanin. Vitiligo can affect any area of your skin, bust most commonly occurs […]

Plan Your Stem Cell Therapy for Osteoarthritis in India

What is Osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disorder and a common type of arthritis that affects about 15 million patients every year in India. The main reason for this disorder is the wear and tear of the articular cartilage and ligament due to loss of synovial fluid or the loss of regenerative capacity of […]

Fibromyalgia and Sex: What Should you know!

If you are facing the issue of fibromyalgia, your sexual life becomes challenging. You can experience issues like the loss of libido and thus fail to have a good performance over your bedroom confirms the reports in the journal of Fibromyalgia. Despite having your healthy libido, you can experience muscle pain and stiffness about fibromyalgia […]

Medical Tourism Packages and Facilities this Children’s Day by Tour 2 India 4 Health!

Planning your medical trip to India is a very simple process with Tour 2 India 4 Health You just need to fill in our enquiry form and one of our executives will contact you soon. +91-9325887033 Call us at the given contact number for any assistance. Complete information regarding surgery is provided on our website. Overview […]