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Knee Surgery

Knee Sprain and Treatment

Sprain in the joint is an injury caused when the ligaments are stretched beyond their capacity. Ligaments hold the knees together. In some cases of ligament tear, surgical repair may be needed. There are four ligaments in our Knee joint, two in the centre, the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL), and […]

What’s your Knee problem?!

Reach us at: Contact no: +91 9325887033 In the last section, we saw a brief anatomy of our knees. Most of our childhood days are spent with bruised and bleeding knees, the sweet painful memories etched as scars. We escape some falls with minor bumps, while some accidents affect our knees for a long […]

Knee Anatomy – What Makes It

Reach us at: Contact no: +91 9371136499 Our Knees are considered amongst the most prominent anatomy of a human body. Its stability and pain-free functioning are must to maintain healthy routines. The knees qualify among the largest and most complicated anatomical structures of a human body. They connect the thigh bone (Femur) and the […]

What is Knee Replacement Surgery? A review

A healthy body is a gateway to a healthy mind. But even a minor pain can ruin our day. Worst among the kind is joint pain which is often a mood spoiler. We often mistake knee joint pain as normal pain but there is more than meets the eye. Knee joints are intricate structures and […]