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TCA Deep Peel:


TCA (trichloroacetic acid) deep peel is a treatment used to remove layers of skin that show signs of aging or of damage caused by organic or external factors and to create the necessary conditions for new epidermis and connective tissue to develop.

What is a TCA Deep Peel?

Trichloroacetic acid is the preferred agent for chemical peels due to its stability and the fact that it is not toxic to the organism. This last property is especially important for treating older patients.

Its uses have been studied thoroughly for decades and it has proved to have a great versatility. That is why it is not only used for deep peelings, but also for superficial or mid peelings. It can even be used in combination with other acids or with mechanic procedures such as dermabrasion.

In order to achieve a deep peel the dermatologist will use a concentration of 50%, although for more superficial treatments a lower concentration may be used, the lowest been 15%. We may say that deep peel consists in a controlled aggression to the skin in order to bring about its regeneration.

It triggers the coagulation of cutaneous proteins and the consequent destruction of the epidermic and/or dermic layer, which will be replaced by new epidermis and connective tissue.

What does TCA deep peel do?

  • It rejuvenates the skin by reducing signs of aging such as wrinkles and actinic keratosis (marks and thick spots in the skin associated with aging).
  • It smoothens the wrinkles that appear due to repeated muscle contraction, such as the ones around the mouth and eyes.
  • It evens out the skin's surface that is dry and cracked as a result of too much exposure to the sun.
  • It reduces the difference in the distribution of pigmentation
  • It reduces acne scars.
  • It reduces stretch marks.
  • It reduces scars.

How is a TCA Deep Pell performed?

It is not necessary.

Between 30 and 45 minutes.

What does deep peel consist of?

You will receive the treatment lying on the examining table of a dermatologic clinic.

The first step will be to clean your face in order to eliminate surface oil. Then, the dermatologist will apply the trichloroacetic acid on your face. One of the greatest advantages of this acid is that it does not need to be neutralized, it is naturally neutralized after 3 minutes approximately. After this time has elapsed, during which it is usual to feel a strong burning, your skin will receive a refreshing rinse.

The dermatologist will apply a moisturizing mask that will help relieve he swelling and inflammation and you will have to wear it when you go back to the hotel.


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