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Surgery in India | Best Surgery in India Neck Lift Surgery Benefits India
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low cost neck lift surgery India
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Neck Lift Surgery in India

Neck Lift Surgery in IndiaThis unattractive neck can result from a variety of conditions. Overweight is one condition that can cause the neck to appear obtuse. Other causes may be a genetic predisposition to having a significant amount of fat in the jaw. Age can also cause the skin to droop and make the jaw line appear jowly. Then there are those suffering from a condition known as retrognathia, where the jaw recedes and makes it look as if the person has no chin or jaw line. A Neck Lift Surgery provides a solution to people searching to improve the appearance of the neck and under the jaw line. This is designed to reduce the look of loose, sagging skin. Keep in mind that this procedure will not rejuvenate the facial area.

What is a Neck Lift Surgery?
Neck lift surgery (also known as Platysmaplasty) is a procedure in which a surgeon cosmetically alters the neck muscles.  Patients typically opt for neck lift surgery to correct loose skin (due to aging or genetics) in order to achieve a more vibrant, taut look. Whether the neck is affected by age, genes, gravity pull or the harsh effects of the sun and wind, Neck Lift Surgery is the right option. In a nutshell, a neck lift removes excess sagging skin under your jaw line and on your neck. The platysma muscle of your neck can be adjusted and tightened if it has begun to separate and sag.

Why Neck Lift Surgery?

As we age our skin become more loose and fallen, making us look older, this phenomenon happens also to out neck skin. Gravity, sun exposure and age make our neck look sagging, sometimes patients describe it as turtle neck due to two long "bands" appearing on the neck. Sometimes it is simply a matter of genetics and sometimes it happens following excessive weight reduction. Neck Lift Surgery is targeted to reverse the above processes and give you a younger appearance.

Candidate for Neck Lift Surgery:

Neck Lift Surgery Benefits IndiaThe ageing process and gravity cause the skin of the neck and jaw line to lose elasticity and tone. This manifests itself as ‘age bands’ around the neck and loose folds of skin and fat around the jaw bone. If you have noticeable ‘jowls’ then consider this procedure. If you have recently lost a great deal of weight, either by dieting or from weight loss surgery then you may have sagging folds around your neck and jaw. Your surgeon will be able to decide whether you are suitable for neck lift surgery. He or she will take various factors into account which include your age, current weight, general health and motivations for surgery.

The minimum age for this surgery is 18 although exceptions can be made for those aged 16 or 17. Even though a neck lift is associated with older people due to the ageing process it can be a good procedure for young patients if they have lost vast amounts of weight. Surgeons prefer younger patients to have reached their full growth and in the case of girls, started their periods before considering this procedure. In general, the best candidates for Neck Lift Surgery are people who are:

  1. In good physical health
  2. Psychologically stable
  3. Wanting to improve their appearance
  4. Realistic in their expectations

Preparing for Neck Lift Surgery:
Surgery is a scary, exciting, and life changing experience, and for this you must be prepared both physically and mentally. Preparing for a Neck Lift Surgery will be different for everyone since preparation depends on your previous lifestyle. Obviously everyone is different, and each surgeon is different, so talk to your surgeon about what is suitable and necessary for your preparation.

  1. Quitting Smoking: For anyone who smokes, it is necessary to quit before having your Neck Lift Surgery. It not only improves your general health before the surgery, but recovery after surgery benefits from no smoking. If you start smoking again, or during the process, then the patient runs the risk of necrosis of the skin (the skin dies) after surgery.

  2. Blood Tests & Pregnancy: It is possible that preliminary blood works will be done to check your health. A check of the red and white blood cell count will indicate whether there are any hidden health problems. With women, a pregnancy test may also be taken to ensure that the woman is not under too much physical stress during surgery. If she is pregnant, surgery will be postponed.

  3. Mental Health: Mental health is equally as important as physical health. If a serious event takes place during the lead up to your neck lift date, consider delaying the procedure. If you have recently been under stress, this can exacerbate post-surgery misery. If you are emotionally healthy and happy before surgery, you must mentally prepare yourself for how you will look immediately after Neck Lift Surgery. Even for the strongest of people, it can be quite shocking.

  4. Care after Neck Lift Surgery: On the practical side of things, you must also prepare care for yourself after the operation. Usually a family member or friend can help. They will need to drive you home and allow for you to be kept off your feet for at least 3 days. It is therefore imperative that any children can be looked after by friends or family, especially young children. This is because you will not be able to move your head or lift anything without running the risk of bleeding and opening sutures.

  5. Clothes to wear after Neck Lift Surgery: Think carefully about clothes for yourself in the two weeks after surgery, and what you will be going home in. Your head will be in a dressing and movement must be kept to a minimum. Shirts are therefore advisable as they go over your head and reduce contact with the sutures and reduce chances of extra bleeding and a longer recovery. So, in preparation, have plenty of button-up shirts ready!

To get free no obligation Quote For Neck Lift Surgery India: click here
Phone Numbers Reach Us-

India & International : +91-9860755000 / +91-9371136499
UK : +44-2081332571
Canada & USA : +1-4155992537

Procedure for Neck Lift Surgery:
There are two types of neck lift surgery involved. They are Platysmaplasty and Cervicoplasty. In the first type, the method alters or removes the muscle from the neck of the patient. In the second type, the procedure helps in removing excess neck skin.

Neck Lift Surgery Benefits IndiaA Neck Lift Surgery generally takes two to three hours to perform.  However, if you will be having other procedures performed with your neck lift, the time will be increased and you will more than likely have General Anesthesia. First, you will have monitoring pads attached to you so that the surgical team can properly monitor your vital statistics before, during and after your operation.  When you are brought to the operating room, electrodes will be plugged into these pads which are connected to the monitoring equipment.  Once you are on the operating room table, you will then be given your choice or your surgeon's preference in anesthesia as discussed prior to your surgery date.  If you had been given an oral sedative or valium prior you will have less anxiety.  They will more than likely insert an IV for a saline drip to keep you hydrated and have a vascular doorway for anesthesia, antibiotics, and other medications.  If you haven't been given a sedative, it is more stressful for some patients.  If you feel that you may experience anxiety inquire beforehand regarding an oral sedative. 

Having an IV inserted feels sort of like blood being drawn, but for a shorter period of time.  It's the initial placement of the IV that may sting a bit.  Some people get heir IV placed in the crook of the elbow, some the hand - it all depends upon your veins though.  So if your veins are not very prominent this can be a problem. You are then brought to the OR if you aren't on the table yet.  After the needle is injected into the vein it is pulled out and a little plastic tube is left in your vein.  This is called a catheter.  The catheter is taped to your skin so it is not accidentally knocked or pulled out and is ready to be used as a sort of entryway for anything the surgical team deems necessary for your body.  This is usually done before you get into the actual OR by a nurse, and you have a saline bag hooked up to you.  The medications will usually be given with a drip system with this saline. As said before, the saline will keep you hydrated both during and post-operatively.  If you have chosen an IV Liquid Sedative, they will insert a hypodermic into your tube that you are attached to or they attach the bag of it with a drip system to add a few drops every few seconds and when they spring open the stopper and it starts heading towards your body. 

Post Operative Care after Neck Lift Surgery:
Most neck lifts are performed on an outpatient basis. After Neck Lift surgery, your doctor will place a pressure dressing that will wrap around your head and underneath your chin. Your neck will feel tight and sore as the anesthesia wears off, and may show even more swelling and possible bruising over the next 3 days. Dressings may be removed the day after surgery and an elastic sling will be worn as much as possible for the first week. Sutures will be removed 6 days after the procedure. The post operative care following a Neck Lift Surgery can be put in the following ways:

  1. Have someone drive you home after surgery and help you at home for 1-2 days.
  2. Get plenty of rest and follow a balanced diet
  3. Take pain medication as prescribed. Do not take aspirin or any products containing aspirin unless approved by your surgeon.
  4. Do not drink alcohol when taking pain medications. Even when not taking pain medications, no alcohol for 3 weeks as it causes fluid retention.
  5. Do not smoke, as smoking delays healing and increases the risk of complications.
  6. Start walking as soon as possible, as this helps to reduce swelling and lowers the chance of blood clots.
  7. Return to work in approximately 2 weeks.

Recovery after Neck Lift Surgery:

The recovery is probably the most enduring phase in Neck Lift Surgery. Lots of patience is needed for a speedy recovery especially in cases of surgical operations. Neck lift takes at least two weeks to recover. However, you need not worry since there are a lot of ways to gear up for a smooth neck lift recovery. After the surgery, the wound is still fresh and a little rest would do the trick. Normally, it takes 10 to 14 days of rest for a brief neck lift recovery and before going to your daily routine. The neck would normally be bruised and swollen so in this case, it is advisable to wear a special compression bandage which will apply enough pressure on your neck muscles to be functioning and this type of bandages are elastic and made of cotton so it is more comfortable to wear. This compression bandage is advisably worn for a week or so following the neck lift operation. On the other hand, if a special compression is not accessible in your neck lift recovery routine, you can use a light dressing. Just be sure to put it in place and keep it clean and dry for at least two weeks of your neck lift recovery. When three to four days has passed, the light dressing will be removed and see if it has cleaned the wound.

For a neck lift recovery, it takes for about two weeks to get on track with your daily activities. Lots of rest and sleep is necessary for a fast neck lift recovery since sleep and rest gives time for the tissues to heal. Straining and tiring yourself with errands is a big no-no. However, it is best to keep your neck in an elevated position for the first few days after surgery since it will help smooth the blood flow in the neck area.

Prognosis Neck Lift Surgery:
Patients should expect to see, within a few days of their neck lift, the cosmetic results of the procedure. Final results usually take from three to six months to fully appear, though most people will be almost completely healed within a matter of weeks. Scarring is usually minimal, and surgeons can usually conceal the scars behind the ears and underneath the patient’s chin. The tighter neck and more defined jaw will typically last from five to ten years, after which the patient will return to his or her pre-surgery state.

Benefits of Neck Lift Surgery:

The Neck Lift Surgery can subtly improve a person’s appearance, making him or her appear to be thinner and younger. Most of the benefits of neck lift surgery are purely cosmetic, which can increase a persons self esteem or self image. The benefits of neck lift translate into a positive sense of well being and a perception by others that you are more youthful and energetic. The patients enjoy a high morale boost in self-confidence and an improved social life. The results last for years, and the overall recovery time is relatively fast. Plus, the procedure is very safe and has little chance of any complications.

Risks of Neck Lift Surgery:
As with any cosmetic surgery Neck Lifts have very few complications. However, there are risks that do occur such as bleeding, bruising, infection, unsightly scarring and possible nerve injury. These complications in regards to neck lift surgery are very rare.

Advance Procedures of Neck Lift Surgery:

Laser Neck Lift Surgery:  Laser Neck Lift is a plastic surgery procedure that re-sculpts your softening jaw line and removes jowls and 'wattles' (the fleshy bands on the neck). A laser neck lift is similar to a traditional neck lift, both use a combination of procedures to remove fat, wrinkles, and tighten muscles. The neck lift can be performed using a multitude of different techniques that essentially create the same aesthetic results. The laser version of this surgery eliminates the appearance of jowls and horizontal bands of skin on the neck. A laser neck lift surgery is performed to accomplish the same cosmetic goals as traditional neck lifts, which are the elimination of lines, wrinkles, fat, and the tightening of certain muscles.

Neck Lift Surgery in India:
India has become a new hub for global patients looking for various cosmetic procedures including the Neck Lift Surgery. The reason behind this paradigm shift is the presence of budget saving and high quality medical treatment coming through world class cosmetic surgeons known for best results. Neck Lift Surgery in India

The Indian cosmetic centers have team of professional and specialist who have a passion for the science of medical treatment in India and are known for good results. Neck Lift Surgery in India comes with advanced cosmetic protocols and is delivered using modern facilities, sterile techniques and products meeting international standards.

Neck Lift Surgery in India is done at hospitals and clinics that are equipped with high end medical amenities. These centres adheres the international benchmark and maintains a high standard as practiced in developed nations of US and UK. The hospitals catering the procedures of Neck Lift Surgery are available in the following Indian cities:

Cost of Neck Lift Surgery in India:
Cost advantage is a major selling point for Neck Lift Surgery in India. The cost differential across the board is huge: only a tenth and sometimes even a sixteenth of the cost in the West. Thus this factor has been instrumental in bringing a huge number of foreign patients all across the world. The following figure indicates the cost of certain treatments in US and India, which can give you a fair idea of the cost difference.


USA (in USD)

India (in USD)

Neck Lift Surgery



Face lift



Nose surgery



To get free no obligation Quote For Neck Lift Surgery in India: click here
Phone Numbers Reach Us-

India & International : +91-9860755000 / +91-9371136499
UK : +44-2081332571
Canada & USA : +1-4155992537
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