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Permanent Makeup - Micropigmentation :

The permanent makeup or micropigmentation is a type of tattoo by means of a dermography with disposable needles that deposit pigments in the epidermis and superficial dermis.

What does Permanent Makeup surgery do?

Habitually the permanent makeup or micropigmentation is used to delineate lips, brows and lids, to camouflage scars, to paint breast areolas - that commonly get lost because of mastectomies - and to soften or to hide the consequences of some illnesses like the vitiligo and other skin affections.

We offers two kinds of permanent makeup:

  • Cosmetic permanent make-up, a water and perspiration proof make-up that rejuvenates the aspect of the face.
  • Medical micropigmentation, a complement to the plastic and reparative surgery to hide scars, stains or to draw nonexistent lines.

The needles of the dermography implant the pigments in the epidermis and superficial dermis of the areas to be treated. The pigments are composed of iron oxide and titanium dioxide and they are approved for medical use.The most used ones are inorganic so they are less allergenic and not toxic or irritant for the skin. The particles are big, less soluble and stable. In this way they last for a long time and get diluted uniformly. The strategy varies according to each body area and the wanted results. For example, if you want to enlarge a very thin lip, it is defined on the outside of its real line and it is vanished inside with a vermilion color. On the other hand, if you want to fill the brows, brown colors are used to complete the empty spaces.

It is not convenient to perform micropigmentation in patients with the following characteristics:

  • Active herpes near the area to be treated
  • Infections, dental abscesses, conjunctivitis or acne
  • Tendency to have cheloid scars
  • Warts, moles and angiomas
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnant women
  • People with psychiatric disorders
  • With blood dyscrasias
  • Immunodepressed

The results

The micropigmentation beautifies and rejuvenates the treated body areas. With the permanent make-up you will obtain a water and perspiration proof make-up that rejuvenates the aspect of the face. It is very useful for women with any kind of difficulty to put on makeup every day.

The medical micropigmentation allows to correct skin defects like scars and illness consequences like vitiligo. The micropigmentation remains for a period of 3 to 7 years. It lasts a shorter time than the decorative tattoos because the dermography deposits the pigment in the most superficial skin layers.

If aging produces changes in the face symmetry, you can correct the make-up with new micropigmentations.


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