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Surgery in India | Best Surgery in India low cost phalloplasty India
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low cost phalloplasty India
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Phalloplasty Surgery in India

Plan your Phalloplasty Surgery in India with Tour2India4Health Consultants

Phalloplasty Surgery in India is done by surgeons and other medical practitioners in India stand #1 in their respective field. This is a surgical penile augmentation for enhancing the length, girth and/or glands of the penis. Our hospitals have state-of-art equipment that increase success rate of treatments. Tour2India4Health is a medium to make these immaculate services accessible to patients from any corner of the world. We offer low cost hip replacement surgery at the best hospitals in India.

How things function at Tour2India4Health Group:

  1. Top 10 hospitals in India: Receive flawless treatment by the best medical practitioners

  2. Veteran surgeons: India has a wide array of #1 surgeons, highly experienced with maximum guarantee of 100% positive results.

  3. Successful record: Surgery history is not new to India, and we have successfully performed over 1000s of surgeries in the modern times.

  4. Low costs: The phalloplasty surgery cost and overall medical stay in India is barely 25% of what you may need to incur in western countries.

  5. Endless benefits: The benefits of undergoing a surgery in India are endless, with nearly 0% rate of side-effects.

  6. Mini vacation: India has a mystic quality of mesmerizing its visitors. You may wish for your fast treatment and recovery to get back on your feet for a vacation in the world’s #1 country with oldest cultural heritage and history.

Phalloplasty Surgery in IndiaWhat is Phalloplasty Surgery?
Phalloplasty surgery is a surgical penile augmentation to enhance the length, girth, and/or the glands of the penis. Historically, men have considered a larger penis to be a symbol of greater masculinity. Worship of the phallus as a symbol of creative energy has been central to virtually every world culture and strong traditions of phallic art exist throughout India, Egypt, Greece, and Europe. Previously, despite the lack of acceptance by society, many men chose to undergo surgical penile augmentation (phalloplasty).

Who is the Candidate for Phalloplasty Surgery?

The most ideal candidate for phalloplasty are men who do not take blood thinners, no heart problems, old enough to weigh the risks and benefits,

Candidates for phalloplasty are:

  • Men who have a birth defect or have had an injury that removed the penis
  • Women who have transitioned into men--commonly known as a transgendered female-to-male
  • Men who want to enhance their penis to impress sexual partners or increase their own self-esteem
  • Traumatic injure of penis,
  • Malignant neo-formations.

It is possible to perform as full construction of neo-phallus, as reconstruction of injured penis, too.

What is the Success Rate of Phalloplasty Surgery?

The success rate is from 80 to 90% in terms of patient and partner acceptance, and almost 95% in terms of patient satisfaction. The implants are FDA approved.

What are the Advantages of Phalloplasty Surgery?

  • Lengthening or enlarging your penis can really boost self-esteem and also help quite a bit when it comes to sexual enjoyment.
  • Extreme Penile curvature makes sexual penetration painful. This can be treated by Phalloplasty surgery.
  • The superficial (skin) sensation rate also fares well at 83% of patients.
  • Circumference can be increased by 50 percent or more depending on the patientïs own whishes.
  • Because of a smaller incisions there will be less scar tissue produced that later possibly could obstruct the lengthening and therefore the new method yields a better overall result.
  • An overwhelming 93% of patients stated that after phalloplasty, they were happy with their genitals (or in other words, felt they were complete as men).

How is the Preparation for Phalloplasty Surgery?

  • Tell your doctor about any allergies you have to foods, drugs, environmental elements or others.
  • Tell your doctor about all medications you are taking, both prescription and non-prescription.
  • Carefully follow any instructions your surgeon gives you regarding eating and drinking, smoking, and vitamins.
  • Avoid aspirin and aspirin-containing medicines for two weeks prior to surgery. Also avoid anti-inflammatory medicines such as Nuprin, Motrin or Advil. Also avoid herbal supplements like St. John's Wort, gingko biloba, some types of Chinese black mushrooms and other natural substances or foods that may thin the blood.

What is expected in Phalloplasty Procedure?What is expected in Phalloplasty Procedure?
Length as well as circumference can be enhanced, an inch to two and a half inches longer and up to fifty percent thicker (except for the head)... The length you achieve can not be predetermined before the surgery, it all depends on how much length you have inside of you being supported by ligaments that the surgeon cuts detaching the penis from the pubic bone, allowing the penis to extend fully from the body.  The angel of the erection will be less acute and I would guess you lose at least some control.  At least one surgeon I read about reattaches the ligaments so the angle of your erection does not change, he is also the only one I have found that performs this surgery with a laser and microscope which reduces the size of the incision and scar tissue formation.

  • Lengthening:

Results generally range from 1 inch to 2 inches flaccid and 1 to 1.5 inches erect.  The limiting factor is the patient's own anatomy.  There is no way to predict what that length will be prior to surgery and a small group of men (up to 6 percent) will have no length gain at all.  Postoperative stretching or weights are essential to success.

  • Girth Enhancement:

As far as girth (thickness) enhancement goes you have options: 
Free fat transfer: - With Free fat transfer your own fat is gathered using liposuction then the fat cells are treated to help reduce the chance of absorption and then transferred into your penis.
Dermal fat grafts: - The Dermal Graft technique is the most invasive of the options because skin is removed from a donor site somewhere on your body and then treated and transferred to your penis.

AlloDerm: -The AlloDerm technique is the least invasive as well as the most expensive because you have to buy the AlloDerm (processed cadaver tissue) and then it is "installed" into your penis much like a dermal graft. Obviously it is the least invasive because it's not your own body supplying the material for enhancement.

If you have pubic hair then that should camouflage the scar almost completely. It seems that the most complications come from excess scar tissue forming and sometimes even reducing length.

What are the Risks of Phalloplasty Surgery?

As with any surgery, there is a risk of infection; around 6% in the case of phalloplasty. There can be some scarring, though when done with lasers this is minimal. However, there is a risk of a hematoma forming in the area of the incision - something which your physician will need to see to.

How is the Recovery for Phalloplasty Surgery Procedure?

  • There will be minimal discomfort following the procedure which can be alleviated by pain medication.
  • After your phalloplasty you will be quite swollen for a few days, but all swelling will subside within six months of the procedure.
  • Your doctor will require you to do postoperative physical therapy to prevent retraction of the penis and maximize gains.
  • You will also need to avoid smoking and strenuous activity for two to three weeks following penile enlargement surgery.
  • To decrease your risk of infection, showering will have to be avoided for a week or more. During this time you will have to use a sponge or washcloth to clean yourself.
  • Sex can be resumed anywhere from four to eight weeks later. The more extensive the surgery, the longer you must wait before resuming any sort of sexual activity.

phalloplasty advantages IndiaWhat is the Alternative to Phalloplasty Surgery?

Metoidioplasty, sometimes referred to as a meto or meta or spelled "metaoidioplasty", is an alternative to phalloplasty for trans men. Some other options are using creams and some physiotherapy. But these alternatives are not that much effective.

Why Phalloplasty Surgery in India:

  • Indian surgeons promise the successful results for men who wish to undergo a phalloplasty surgery in India for their penis at low cost.
  • More and more people are opting to get phalloplasty in India to improve and rejuvenate their love lives.
  • Innovative new procedures for formerly unmentionable body parts are making it possible. And these new surgeries in Inida offer more than just cosmetic change – the psychological aspect of improving self-image is driving patients toward India.
  • India is considered by many to be the global leader for medical tourism. Americans and Europeans have started traveling to India seeking and phalloplasty in India at affordable cost with world-class medical treatment facilities.
  • India is also a very large expatriate community from America and Europe that receives medical care from many advanced private hospitals throughout the country.
  • In addition to having a highly advanced healthcare system, with state-of-the-art equipment, first-class modern facilities, and an abundance of doctors with advanced medical degrees and board certifications from the U.S and Europe, India is also world-renowned as a top medical tourism destination.

Phalloplasty surgery in India is available in following cities;

What is the Cost of Phalloplasty Surgery in India?

low cost phalloplasty IndiaPhalloplasty is an elective cosmetic surgery. Therefore, the expense of this procedure most likely not is covered by your insurance company. You will be required to pay the entire amount in full, or have the total amount financed. The cost of a phalloplasty surgery in developed countries is between $9,000 and $13,000, depending upon the procedure you choose and the amount of enhancement your surgeon performs.  The cost of phalloplasty in India is less than 1/ 10th than that at London and New York. The scope of phalloplasty in India is increasing day by day due to its low cost and better healthcare facilities.

Phalloplasty Surgery in India-Go with Tour2india4health Group:
Phalloplasty surgery in India is offered to international patients, by Tour2india4health Group with best services for Phalloplasty surgery in India that too at low cost. In addition to medical services, it also provides complete transport, travel, accommodation and tourist assistance to the patient and his family. Patient just has to send a query and he/ she will be assisted by one of the executives within 24 hours. And all the arrangement will be done as per the patient’s convenience.
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Phalloplasty Surgery in India Phalloplasty Surgery in India

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