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India is becoming a reliable destination for low cost Liposuction treatment.

Liposuction treatment in India is one of the very common cosmetic surgery also known as lipoplasty means fat modeling or liposculpture means suction assisted fat removal or suction lipectomy means operation that removes fat from different parts of the body. The devices used to remove the fat are cannula and an aspirator. Hospitals of liposuction treatment in India have the latest technologies inbuilt, laser-tripped probes are one of the latest technology found potential benefit than the traditional method. You can view the experience of the patients who were treated at the best cosmetic surgery hospital in India. The cosmetic surgeons in India performing the liposuction are well qualified and experienced. They provide an ultimate treatment programme to the utmost satisfaction of the international patients.

Liposuction is defined as:

Liposuction or lipoplasty literally means sucking out fat (lipo=fat). This is done by means of a hollow tube (cannula) which is attached to a vacuum pump. Through small (about ½ cm) cut in the skin these tube are placed under the skin in the area of fat deposit. Once the fat is sucked out the overlying skin is expected to shrink to fit the new contour.

Before proceeding in to the surgery the cosmetic surgeon may discuss the exact area to be treated, a consent form is signed by the patient on the day of the surgery; the targeted areas are marked on the body while the candidate in standing position, some photos will be taken to show the difference of before and after surgery.

Recovery period of liposuction:

You should expect some swelling bruising and numbness over the area of Liposuction. Swelling and bruising is maximum at 5th day or so and subsides by 3 to 4 weeks. You will be required to wear some sort of pressure garment over the area of Liposuction (for example cycling shorts for the hip area). The pressure garment helps the skin to shrink to the new shape and also reduce the swelling and bruising.

The numbness over the area of Liposuction may take 2 to 3 months time to recover. Until such time you should avoid placing hot water bottle over the numb area.

To undergo liposuction one must be above 18 years old and must be good in general health. The surgery most often performed in the abdomen and highs of the women, abdomen and flanks of the men.

ndia still of follows the culture and tradition, their hospitality, the pleasing nature and approach towards the patients adds more attraction to the abroad patients. Main and most of the important fact is the cost of the liposuction treatment in India that is less expensive compare to other countries. The various facilities in India include full body pathology, comprehensive physical and gynecological examinations, dental checkup, eye checkup, diet consultation, audiometry, spirometry, stress & lifestyle management, pap smear, digital Chest X-ray, 12 lead ECG, 2D echo colour doppler, gold standard DXA bone densitometry, body fat analysis, coronary risk markers, cancer risk markers, carotid colour doppler, spiral CT scan and high strength MRI. Each test is carried out by professional M.D. physicians, and is comprehensive yet pain-free. . For more information on cheap price liposuction treatment in India fill the enquiry form


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