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    International Patient Videos:
Mrs. Austin, Nigeria
International Patient Videos
uterus surgery video India, uterus tumor surgery story India, uterus tumor surgery testimonail India
Mrs. Austin, Nigeria
Key Hole Hysterectomy Surgery India

Uterus Tumor surgery in India is the safest and effective treatment option


uterus surgery India, laparoscopic myomectomy surgery India, uterus myomectomy surgery India, uterus Uterus Tumor surgery in India is the most safe and effective treatment option for females suffering from uterus tumor. Every year, thousands of international patients come down to India for their medical treatments and surgery. We at Tour2India4Health have been instrumental in managing these treatments of foreign patients. Recently Mrs. Austin from Nigeria was here for her Uterus Tumor surgery in India. We received a testimonial from her after she recovered from the surgery. Read on to see what she has to say about her experience.

Hi. My name is Mrs. Austin. I am from Nigeria. It has been over two month since my Uterus Tumor Surgery in India and I'm thrilled! I consider the procedure a 100% success, and would recommend Tour2India4Health to anybody. My OB/GYN told that I have tumor inside my uterus, but she did not tell me what kind of tumor they were, what they do, or what I should look out for. I was going through a maxi pad and a super plus tampon in thirty minutes. I became so anemic I could barely walk two blocks. At one point, I was almost hospitalized for a blood transfusion. Not surprisingly, shortly thereafter I developed a bladder infection. My doctor  in Nigeria offered me several options, including drugs and surgery. My doctor brought up the subject of a hysterectomy but I had serious reservations about undergoing an invasive surgical procedure. Hysterectomy was definitely something I did not want to do. At this point I realised that I had to do something by myself and began searching for information on the Internet. The Internet led me to someone I now call an angel sent by God to help me:Tour2India4Health Group, a medical consultancy firm from India. The company’s website was filled with experiences other women had with their Uterus Tumor Surgery in India. I contacted Tour2India4Health and told them about my condition, symptoms and need for Uterus Tumor Surgery as soon as possible. The company readly agreed to help me and arranged my Uterus Tumor Surgery in India within a span of just 2 weeks. Tour2India4Health helped me in every sense in expediting my entire Uterus Tumor surgery in India with great professionalism.

On reaching India, I underwent a series of test, which confirmed that my Uterus tumor is a noncancerous tumor.I had my Uterus Tumor surgery in India through the procedure called Laparoscopic Myomectomy Surgery. A myomectomy is the removal of noncancerous tumors, from the wall of the uterus. A catheter is inserted into the uterus, and a blue dye is injected to stain the uterine cavity and help make locating the fibroid(s) easier. A small incision is made in the navel, and a laparoscope is inserted into the uterus. A laparoscope is a specialized endoscope, which is a fiberoptic tube attached to a viewing device, used to examine the abdomen. Two or three additional small incisions are made in the abdomen through which special laparoscopic tools are inserted. Using the laparoscope, the surgeon locates each fibroid and surgically removes it. In some cases, Pitressin, a drug that causes the blood supply to stop for up to 20 minutes, is first injected into the tumor to reduce bleeding when it is removed. After removal of each tumor, special care is taken to stitch each layer of tissue in the uterus to prevent blood clots, excessive bleeding, and infection. Once removal of tumor is completed, the tools are removed and the incision is closed with stitches or clamps.

I was able to go back to my work one week after my Uterus Tumo Surgery in India, although I moved slowly and took it easy. I tried to baby myself for the next two to three months, just to be sure everything was okay. My latest MRI reports showed that my Uterus Tumor has not returned back. My menstrual period after my Uterus Tumo Surgery in India is normal, I have not had an abnormal once since, and I'm no longer anemic. If you catch your uterus tumor when they are small, there are more treatment options. But for those who must do something about their tumor right away, think long and hard about whether you want to get rid of a vital body part. You can always have a hysterectomy as a last resort, but consider saving your uterus if you can. All of our body parts serve some function, and interact in some way. Keeping them intact should be a priority. My experience in India was very good. I am glad with its outcome. I will certainly recommend anyone for their Uterus Tumor surgery in India. Last but not the least; I would like to extend my words of gratitude to the executives of Tour2India4Health and the surgeon who performed my Uterus Tumor surgery in India. May God bless them all!

Thank you,

Mrs. Austin

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