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World class hospitals providing inner thigh lift surgery in India-video


inner thigh lift surgery India,inner thigh lift surgery hospitals,inner thigh lift surgery hospitals India Inner thigh lift surgery in India is performed under the supervision of skilled cosmetic surgeons coupled with sound infrastructure, professional management nurses and paramedical staff to take on international competition. Every year thousands of international patients around the world come to India for inner thigh lift surgery or any other type of cosmetic surgery because various cosmetic surgery procedures in

India are priced at a fraction of the cost when compared to the West. Inner thigh lift surgery is an excellent way to achieve firmer and more attractive looking upper legs. It is helpful for those who have loose excess skin as a result of weight loss, thigh lift or thigh plasty. Inner thigh lift surgery can help tone and refine legs. An inner thigh lift is used to treat reduced skin elasticity caused by the aging process or extreme weight loss This type of thigh lift helps people who have trouble eliminating excess fat from this area of the body through diet and exercise.

inner thigh lift surgery hospitals India, inner thigh lift surgeons,inner thigh lift surgeons India Procedure – Before the inner thigh lift surgery begins the cosmetic surgeon first marks the incision points. The patients are given medications for comfort during the surgical procedure. Often, general anesthesia is administered; however, a thigh lift may also be performed using a combination of local anesthesia and intravenous sedation.

Inner thigh lift surgery generally requires short incisions made laterally around the groin crease and in the creases of the buttocks. Some plastic surgeons cut from the front of the groin right around the inside of the thighs to the inner inside crease of the buttocks. Incisions are not usually made laterally on the hips as a thigh lift does usually decreases the bulk of the thighs. To remove the excess fat from the thighs the surgeons first makes use of the liposuction treatment. 

After the incisions have been made, excess skin and fat is detached from the underlying muscles of the thighs and removed. The skin is then reshaped and redraped over the muscles and drains are placed beneath the skin to remove excess fluid that may cause delays in healing. Once the plastic surgeon is satisfied that the patient will not suffer any kind of tumescence or excess swelling as a result of fluid accumulation beneath the skin, the incisions are then sutured up. Suturing involves the doctor placing the stitches so that they are present mainly beneath the skin to reduce the chances of severe scarring. 

The more traditional inner thigh lift surgery involves making an elliptical incision in the groin crease where the thigh meets the pelvis, removing the ellipse section of skin and lifting the skin from the lower thigh up to the upper part of the incision. This creates the tightening effect and the tissues are anchored to deeper fascia at the crease area. This anchoring maneuver helps to reduce the risk of the incisions healing and then descending lower on the thigh where they might be visible.

After the inner thigh lift surgery is complete, a sterile dressing is applied to the wounds and the patient is placed in a compression garment. A compression garment is simply an elastic girdle that tightly holds the skin in to reduce swelling and aid in the natural tightening of the skin.

Risks associated with surgery

  1. Bruising of the surrounding tissues.
  2. Swelling of the tissues.
  3. Sagging of the skin due to loose tightening of skin.

inner thigh lift surgery India video,inner thigh lift surgery,inner thigh lift surgery India Recovery post surgery

  1. The surgery is done under general anesthesia, with a one night postoperative stay.
  2. The patient is discouraged from sitting or squatting position for 2 weeks to avoid pulling too hard on the groin incision.
  3. Antibiotics are prescribed for 1 week and hygiene is reviewed to minimize the risk of infection in the groin area.
  4. Early walking is encouraged to reduce the risk of blood clots
  5. Patients can typically return to a desk job at 2-3 weeks and regular exercise can be resumed at 6 weeks.

By making use of the latest technical apparatus and the services of highly expert cosmetic personnel, Indian hospitals performing inner thigh lift surgery are in a position to provide a spectrum of general as well as specialist's services. Inner thigh lift surgery in India is available at various hospitals in metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and New Delhi. Indian hospitals offer a range of world quality doctors and treatments at a much lower price with comparable success rates and service levels.

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inner thigh lift surgery video,inner thigh lift surgery India video,inner thigh lift surgery,inner thigh lift surgery India,inner thigh lift surgery hospitals,inner thigh lift surgery hospitals India, inner thigh lift surgeons,inner thigh lift surgeons India

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