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Urology Surgery Treatment in Mumbai

The study of Urology focuses on the diseases and surgery of a human urinary-tract system and the reproductive organs as the urinary and reproductive tracts are closely linked, and disorders of one often affect the other. The urology surgeries are characterized for its delicate nature of the tissues surrounding the organ, common surgical sites has demanded technological innovation and hence laser-assisted surgery, laparoscopic surgeries, and robot-assisted medical procedures came into existence.Uro Surgery is a broad spectrum which includes domain of genitourinary disorders, urinary-tract infections (UTI) and benign prostatic hyperplasia which includes bladder or prostate cancer, kidney stones, congenital abnormalities, traumatic injury, and stress incontinence. Mumbai is known for its medical excellence.

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Best 10 Urologists | Urology Surgeons in Mumbai

Best Urology Surgeons Mumbai are trained in every subspecialty of urology which includes urologic surgery, urologic oncology, endourology, urogynecology, reconstructive urologic surgery, minimally invasive urologic surgery, pediatric urology, transplant urology, voiding dysfunction, paruresis, neurourology, and androurology and sexual medicine. Some of the List of Top 10 Urologists in Mumbai are as follows:

Dr Anup Ramani

He is an Uro – Oncological and Robotic Surgeon practices in Mumbai and Dubai. Dr Ramani is a professor of Uro – oncology at Saifee hospital and is known for his expertise in robotic surgery and advanced laparoscopic surgery for prostate cancer, kidney cancer and bladder cancer. He is currently associated with Lilavati, Breach Candy, Jaslok, Saifee and Nanavati Hospitals in Mumbai as a consultant.

20 Years of Practice

Dr Rupin Shah

MBBS, MS - General Surgery, MCh – Urology. Dr Shah has vast Experience of 10 years and specialized in Andrology and Urology in the field with an expertise in Erectile Dysfunction, Transurethral Resection of The Prostate (TURP), Cystolithotripsy, Ureteroscopy (URS) and Pyelolithotomy. He is currently associated with Lilavati Hospital and Bhatia Hospital in Mumbai

10 Years of Practice

Dr Dilip Raja

MBBS, MS, MNAMS, FICS, DNBE. Dr Raja is practising for around 35 years in the field. With an account for 11500 Cases in his Journey, he is extensively experienced in treating stone patients with all the modalities like PCNL, Mini PCNL, URS, Flexible Ureteroscopy 9RIRS and Open surgery as a complete management of stone disease. He treats male infertility, female urology, impotence & bladder cancer.

35 Years of Practice

Dr Shrikant Badwe

MBBS, MS, FICS, MCH. Currently practising in Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital in Mumbai, India, Dr Badwe is 25 years experienced and is known for his expertise in pediatric urology, Urinary Incontinence (UI) Treatment, Open Prostatectomy, Prostate Laser Surgery, Ureteroscopy (URS), Urinary Tract Infection, Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP), Genitourinary Surgery, Blood in Urine (Hematuria) Treatment, Andrology, Minimally Invasive Urology & Transurethral Incision of the Prostate.

25 Years of Practice

Dr Abhinav Kumar

M.B.B.S., M.S. (Surgery), M.Ch- Urology. Dr Abhinav Kumar is a practising Consultant Urologist at the RG Stone Urology & Laparoscopy Hospital - Andheri Mumbai in Mumbai. He is one of the best urologist in Mumbai with an experience of 9 years in the field.

9 Years of Practice

Dr Prashant K. Pattnaik

Dr Pattnaik is a Managing Director & Chief Urologist at Bombay Hospital & Medical Research Centre in Marine Lines, Mumbai. He is one of the top urologist in India, Dr Prashant Pattnaik Urologist is dedicated to provide his patients with advance quality healthcare in Mumbai.

22 Years of Practice

Dr Avanish Arora

MBBS, DNB, MCH, MS. Dr Arora’s Speciality lies in Laparoscopic Urology, Laparoscopic Uro-oncology and Advanced Endourology, Experience in all Endourological surgeries and Reconstructive Urology. Dr Avanish Arora is trained in robotic radical prostatectomy and also has extensive experience in all endourological surgeries & reconstructive urology and is currently associated with Seven Hills Hospital, Mumbai.

16 Years of Practice

Dr Ramesh Mahajan

MBBS, MS - General Surgery, MCh – Urology. With an experience of over 20 years’ experience in Urology, Genitosurgery, endourology, Reconstructive Urology and Uro-Oncology in Fortis Hospital Mumbai. Dr Mahajan is also has an extensive experience of Endoscopic work including TUR Prostate, Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy, Ureterorenoscopy, Laparoscopy, among others.

20 Years of Practice

Dr Atul Shah

MBBS, MS - General Surgery, MCh – Urology. Dr Suraj Suchak is a Urologist currently practising in Suchak hospital in Malad with an experience of 11 years in the field. He specializes in a number of surgery including Prostate Laser Surgery, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Urologic Oncology, Genitourinary Surgery, Hematuria, Reconstructive Urology, Andrology, Transurethral Incision of The Prostate (TUIP) etc.

11 Years of Practice

Dr Gaurang Shah

Dr Shah is a renowned urologist, Genito Urinary Surgeon and practices at Saifee Hospital in Charni Road, Mumbai. He expertise in Robotic Surgery, Radical Prostatectomy, Kidney tumours, Kidney Transplant and use of Minimal Invasive Surgery techniques and is a leading Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL) surgeon in Mumbai.

36 Years of Practice

Dr Anand Utture

Dr Utture is highly skilled urologist in managing kidney stones with laser, lithotripsy and latest minimally invasive surgeries. With 17 years’ experience in the field Dr Utture expertise in bipolar plasma kinetic trans-urethral resection (T.U.R.) of the prostate, which is one of the latest and safest modalities for prostate endoscopic management and minimally invasive techniques. He is currently associated with S. L. Raheja Hospital, Mahim and Lilavati Hospital Bandra, Mumbai.

17 Years of Practice

Dr Soumyan Dey

MBBS, MS (Gen Surgery), M.Ch. (Urology). Dr Soumyan Dey has completed his M.Ch in Urology from the Prestigious Grant Medical College & J.J. Hospital and has a 12years experience in treating cancers of the penis, urethra, adrenal gland, and genitourinary sarcomas. Dr Dey is a keen believer of technical innovation and this endeavor him to be forefront of pioneering less-invasive treatment alternatives. His expertise in the field has made him the go to urology surgeon in Mumbai.

12 Years of Practice

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Top 10 Urology Surgery Hospitals in Mumbai

Top Urology Hospitals Mumbai is known of its best medical facilities and for its advanced approach to medical healthcare. Some of the List of Top 10 Hospitals for Urology Surgery in Delhi are listed below, will provide you with the comprehensive medical treatment at the most affordable price.

RG Stone Hospital India

RG Stone Hospital

It is considered as world-class healthcare facilities and services through 15 Super Specialty Urology Centers across the country. With its state-of-the-art facilities, a team of urologists, nephrologists, gynecologists, kidney stone specialists and more, this healthcare facility is considered as one of the finest in Mumbai. The institute is known for kidney stone, BPH (Enlarged Prostate), male infertility, erectile dysfunction and other urology surgery.

Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital

Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital

This multi-speciality hospital is one of the oldest yet advanced medical hospital in Mumbai, determined to provide best healthcare facilities at affordable costs. Nanavati hospital is NABH and NABL accredit hospital has 350 bed facility and is currently housing more than 55 specialities with optimum success rates.

Global Hospital

Global Hospital

This Multispeciality institute situated in Parel has 450-bed facility comprises of 17-stories, housing state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced medical care facilities provided by 61 specialists and compassionate staff. Global hospital is NABH AND NABL, HALAL accredited healthcare facility in Mumbai, India.

Sterling Wockhardt Hospital

Sterling Wockhardt Hospital

Sterling Wockhardt Hospital is an overall healthcare significance, located in Navi Mumbai. It’s a state of the art, 45 bedded, multi-speciality hospital wide spectrum of more than 50 Super Specialty & Specialty Consultants and all diagnostic tools under a single roof. It is considered as one of the top 10 urology surgery hospitals in Mumbai.

Fortis Hospital, Mulund India

Fortis Hospital, Mulund

Fortis is one of the most leading multispeciality hospital in India, providing an affordable medical healthcare at an affordable price. The urology department of this hospital delivers comprehensive nephrology and urology services for a range of adult and paediatric conditions under a single roof. With a top-notch diagnostic and treatment approach, fortis is best known for its evaluation and management of urological and kidney diseases.

Wockhardt Hospitals

Wockhardt Hospitals

Wockhardt Hospitals were created with a vision of providing affordable medical care with excellence. It is one of the tertiary care, super speciality healthcare hospital and is a recognized name in patient care. The hospital staff works round-the-clock to offer various services that include Pathology Lab, X-ray, Blood Bank, Ambulance Service and is dedicated to provide a top notch medical facility in Mumbai.

Lilavati Hospital

Lilavati Hospital

Established in 1978, Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre is a private hospital located in Bandra in Mumbai, India. The hospital works on the motto of “More than healthcare, human care”. With 314 beds with one of the largest intensive care units, most advanced 12 operation theaters and every other necessary various services that include Pathology Lab, X-ray, Blood Bank, Ambulance Service.

Zen Multi Speciality Hospital

Zen Multi Speciality Hospital

This NABH and NACL accredited hospital is 110-bed with state of the art modern facilities and attractive and welcoming environment for patients and visitor. Zen Hospital strive to deliver the best medical procedure with a team of urologists, nephrologists, gynecologists, kidney stone specialists at the best price which suits the budget of every economic class.

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Kokilaben Hospital

Kokilaben Hospital

This multispeciality hospital is determined to provide a wide spectrum of advanced medical treatments to its patients. With the state-of-the-art technological updates Kokilaben Hospital is one of the leading hospital in India with 750 beds, over 100 full-time doctors and over 500 nurses. It has diagnostics and day care services and over 140 OPD clinics, with dedicated health tourism facilities.

Saifee Hospital India

Saifee Hospital

Saifee Hospital is a 250 bedded multi-speciality tertiary care hospital providing medical, surgical, diagnostic and therapeutic services. The hospital also provides highly advanced Robotic Surgical System to facilitate the surgeon in performing complex surgery using a minimally invasive approach. This top-notch hospital has 37 beds Critical Care Units, 4 beds High Dependency Unit for critical patients, 9 State of the art Operating Theatre suites with International Infection Control Protocols.

Bombay Hospital

Bombay Hospital

Since 1950 Bombay Hospital is a tertiary care hospital introducing entire range of diagnostic, therapeutic and interventional procedures. Known for its brilliant operating rooms and skilled staff it’s a go to hospital for best urology care in Mumbai. Bombay Hospital strive to deliver the best medical procedure with a team of urologists, nephrologists, gynecologists, kidney stone specialists at the best price which suits the budget of every economic class.

Seven hills Hospital

Seven hills Hospital

Known to be Asia’s largest hospital, Seven hills Hospital lies within the heart of Mumbai city along with residential accommodation for its doctors and staff, an academic and research institute, and a business and convention centre. The hospital is also known for its services and supreme quality medical assistance and has a team of urologists, nephrologists, gynecologists, kidney stone specialists and more, this healthcare facility is considered as one of the finest in Mumbai. Kidney stones, BPH (Enlarged Prostate), male infertility, erectile dysfunction and other urology surgery are some of its many specialities.

Medical Tourism in Mumbai India

Medical Tourism in India

India is one of the leading medical tourism healthcare provider in the world. The motives to seek medical care in other country may vary from person to person, some of the most common reasons include improved medical quality, low costs treatment, avoiding wait times and accessing treatments not available or legal in the home jurisdiction encourages medical tourism. It is the era of globalized medicine, Tourism has encouraged medical treatment in different parts of the world and India is one of such destinations for people looking for best price hospital facilities. –

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