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Cheap Vasovasostomy Procedure of Kuwait Patient in Kolkata India

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Tour2india4health Group has tied up with best infertility hospitals, wherein the far away patients all across the world come for their sucessful Vasovasostomy procedure. Vasovasostomy procedure available at Kolkata and Chennai has made tremendous progress in the past few years. Here, you will get excellent, state of the art medical facilities at a price that is about 25 - 30 % lower when compared to the West. Recently, Mr. Elier Cardona from Kuwait got his Vasovasostomy procedure in Chennai. He shares his experience with us.

Mr. Elier Cardona says “I wanted to write to you and tell you how grateful I am for the services of Tour2india4health Group. After investigating reversal surgeries on the internet, I found about Tour2india4health Group, a medical tourism company in India. I called one of the assistant who guided me and give me the information and arranged my Vasovasostomy procedure in Chennai.

I was provided with detail information that included the cost of the surgery, the time required for the surgery, the surgeon along with his CV who will perform my surgery and the list of hospitals where I could have my surgery either in Kolkata or Chennai. I was really satisfied with all the information I was provided with. The entire trip to India for my Vasovasostomy procedure in Chennai saved me a huge amount. Tour2india4healtharranged everything for me, like travelling, accommodation appointment with the doctor and everything required for the successful treatment. I met an assistant at Chennai airport who took me to an exotic hotel first and the next day took me to the hospital where I was appointed to undergo my Vasovasostomy surgery in Chennai.

A Vasovasostomy procedure generally takes two to three hours to perform, depending on the complexity of the surgery and the experience of the operating physician. After an adequate level of anesthesia has been reached, the surgeon will make an incision from the top of one side of the scrotum, sometimes moving upward as far as several inches (centimeters) into the abdominal area. A similar incision will then be made on the other side of the scrotum. The vasa deferentia will be identified and isolated from surrounding tissue. Fluid will be removed from the testicular end of each vas deferens and analyzed for presence of sperm. If sperm are found, then a simpler procedure to connect the cut ends of the vasa deferentia will be performed. If no sperm are found, a more complex procedure called a vasoepididymostomy or epididymovasostomy (in which the vas deferens is attached to the epididymis, a structure in which the sperm mature and are stored) may be more successful in restoring sperm flow.

There are two techniques that may be used for Vasovasostomy to reconnect the cut ends of the vasa deferentia. A single-layer closure involves stitching the outer layer of each cut end of the tube together with a very fine suture thread. This procedure takes less time but is often less successful in restoring sperm flow. A double-layer closure, however, involves stitching the inner layer of each cut end of the tube first, and then stitching the outer layer. After reconnection is established, the vasa deferentia are returned to their anatomical place and the scrotal incisions closed.

I am glad that I came across Tour2india4health Group. They made everything very easy for me. They also assisted me with the visa procedure and the travel arrangements. I am very happy and really impressed by the medical expertise of the medical team who performed my Vasovasostomy procedure in Chennai. I must thank the guys of Tour2india4health Group, who expedited everything regarding my Vasovasostomy procedure in Chennai. Tour2india4health Group in India provided us complete wellness journey, State of art hospital of Chennai and world class surgeons provided meticulous care during surgery avoiding any kind of complications. It was a great experience for me and my wife in Chennai as the arrangements made by Tour2india4health Group was the best in I had expected. I am very much thankful to the expert surgeons who performed my successful Vasovasostomy procedure in Chennai and to the caring staff of the hospital. And I wish to tell that Tour2india4health Group is the best option for getting Vasovasostomy procedure be it Chennai or Kolkata or any other city in India.”

Thank You

Mr. Elier Cardona

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