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Cosmetic Surgery Testimonials - Breast Augmentation/Lift and Tummy Tuck

After Seeing 30 Doctors in 2 years I Finally had Tummy and My Breast Lift/Reduction

Dear Dr.Dheeraj Bojwani,

I just wanted to thank you for helping me to get such a beautiful job on my tummy and my breast lift/reduction. I have had a chance to be able to compare mine to others and I think mine are the best. I went to the Cayman Islands about 4 months after my surgery and for the first time since my youngest daughter was born (15 years) I was able to walk down the beach in my bikini without a towel around my waist and for the first time in my life I was able to wear a strapless dress! I also wanted to say that over the past 2 years I have seen about 30 different doctors with my daughter. Often times I have been told what a great doctor we are going to see. It is amazing Tour2india4health Consultants staff can make you look great or incompetent. I just though you should know that. I am very happy with my results. They turned out better than I expected! I also appreciated the telephone call from you after the surgery to check on me instead of leaving it to a nurse Once again, thank you for everything; you truly have helped change part of my life!

Selina Mckenzie

The Happier Person I Became After Liposuction

I decided to undergo my surgeries because I was not satisfied with my body, After I had my daughter, my body changed, I was embarrassed to show it, my breasts were small, I had fat rings around my stomach and then I decided to change. From the beginning, Tour2india4health Consultants gave me a lot of confidence. It was my collogue recommendations that made to choose it; I was happy when I heard what they had to say regarding the work performed by them.

Dr Dheeraj Bojwani is great, super kind and helpful. The doctors are all excellent, very professional, mainly mine; I was super satisfied with his work. My surgery was calm, I had some fear, but everything ran well. The hospital is great and the professionals also and that made me calmer.

My surgeries were simply perfect! Today I am much happier, I look at myself in the mirror and I am beautiful.

It is wonderful to wear clothes and to feel well, it is very good to receive praises, and if necessary, I will do it again through Tour2india4health Consultants. My self-esteem went up 100%. It was the best decision that I took. Today, I want to live more, to take care of myself more and more, I love to buy new clothes that improve my body, I love to go the beach, I am very proud when someone praises me, I think all women that are not happy with their body should undergo plastic surgery, it is very good to change for the better.

My social life changed a lot, I have more pleasure in taking care of myself and today I am much more satisfied, mainly in the sentimental part. A lot of people stop me and they ask how it was, where the clinic is, which doctor and I indicate everything with pleasure. As a matter of fact, some friends, after seeing my results did it too and they are super satisfied as well.

Breast Augmentation/Liposuction
Alyssa Miller

Jennifer Wilson Decided Plastic Surgery for Abdomen

I decided to undergo a plastic surgery because my abdomen inconvenienced me a lot and my clothes were not good on me.

I choose Tour2india4health Consultants through a friend's indication that had done the surgery there. Her results were fantastic and I decided to do the surgery. The service that I received was fantastic. The surgeon that assisted me is a wonderful person and transmits enormous trust and credibility.

The surgery was calm and in the hospital, I was assisted by kind, helpful and qualified professionals. The plastic surgery fulfilled 100% of my expectations and with the results, I am another woman. It is obvious that my self-esteem has improved very much and my image improved to the point where people say that I am another person. I feel newer, beautiful of body, and as for my clothes, everything fits.

I already recommended Tour2india4health Consultants to my sister-in-law who will undergo a breast augmentation and nose surgery.

Tummy Tuck
Jennifer Wilson



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