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Urology Surgery in India

Urology Surgery in India is the integration of surgical activities for the pelvis-the colon, urogenital, and gynecological organs. It is primarily for the treatment of obstructions, dysfunction, malignancies, and inflammatory diseases of the organs covered by urology include the kidneys, adrenal glands, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra, and the male reproductive organs (testes, epididymis, vas deferens, seminal vesicles, prostate and penis). The urology surgery is the recommended treatment for many conditions that affect the male reproductive organs and urinary tract organs when medication and other non-surgical treatments are unavailable or cannot relieve symptoms. Contact us to book Affordable Urology Surgery Cost in India at the Top Urology Hospitals in India.

The following are the common urology surgery procedure performed in India:

  • Bladder surgery
  • Cryptorchidism
  • Cystoscopy & Ureteroscopy
  • Endopyelotomy
  • Kidney removal (nephrectomy)
  • Inguinal Hernia
  • Internal Urethrotomy
  • Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty
  • Lithotripsy
  • Nephrostomy
  • Orchiectomy
  • Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy
  • PCNL
  • Pelvic lymph node dissection
  • Prostatic surgery, removal of the prostate
  • Renal (kidney) surgery
  • Radical Nephrectomy
  • Radical Prostatectomy
  • Surgery of the ureters, including ureterolithotomy or removal of calculus (stones) in the ureters
  • Surgery to the penis
  • Testicular (scrotal) surgery
  • Total Cystectomy
  • Trans Vaginal Tape
  • TURBT (Transurethral Resection of the Bladder Tumor)
  • Transurethral Resection of Prostate
  • TURP surgery
  • Urethroplasty
  • Vesicovaginal Fistula

Urology Surgery Benefits in India

So if you are willing to undergo Urology surgery in India it will be the best decision you will have ever made. From the medical treatment point of view India is already developed under the medical guidance of experienced, talented and skilled urology surgeons and urologists. The latest inventions in the medical field have made India a suitable destination for urology surgery. The benefits of getting urology surgery in India includes modern methodologies and facilities at a reasonable price that helps international patients such as Tanzanians travelling to India achieve speedy health gains. Our state of the art affiliate hospitals in India is committed to deliver the state-of-the-art care to all patients with problems of the kidneys, bladder, ureters, prostate and sexual organs. Following the major industrialized cities with the presence of vast pool of qualified Urology surgeons having extensive experience at the best facilities provides urology surgery in India at affordable prices. Fill up the free consultation form to get appointment with the Best Urology Surgeons in India for Low cost Urology Surgery in India for Tanzanians.


1. Free second opinion - Serious illnesses or any kind of discomfort related to our health bring along a lot of anxiety and doubts in our minds; be it about the diagnosis or about the proficiency of the doctor. To get your minds cleared of this dilemma, we can arrange for a free second opinion through our empanelled hospitals and doctors/surgeons. This certainly boosts and reinforces the trust between us.

2. Clinical camps - In order to create awareness about various health issues as well as to provide free and easily accessible services, clinical camps are organized. There are doctors and paramedics in these camps, who can guide you in detail about various illnesses and also about the right course of treatment, lifestyle and dietary changes that you need to take.

3. Special packages - Another significant factor that worries patients while choosing a treatment destination is whether they will be able to bear the cost of the treatments. We are here to ensure that patients are happy and supremely satisfied with the pricing of the treatments and procedures, they are looking for. We offer tailor-made packages keeping in mind that patients are coming from all economic sections of the society.

4. Language Assistance - There should be no communication gap between the doctor and the patients. Therefore, it is very crucial issue as health issues need to be communicated accurately and in a very detailed manner. So it is very important that the medical staff is capable of comprehending what the patient is trying to communicate. In case there are any interruptions, we look after this issue by arranging expert translators/interpreters so that your requirement reaches the doctor properly and vice versa.

5. Follow up services - Timely follow up is extremely vital for speedy recovery. Without proper follow up, the procedure is considered incomplete. This phase is vital both for the patient as well as the doctor/surgeon otherwise it's a failure on both sides. We ensure that there are no interruptions in the follow up phase, by arranging for follow up services even after the patient is back in his own country.

6. Quick visa assistance - We have 24/7 visa assistance staff to take care of all your queries and needs related to visa. We understand that every health issue has its own amount of urgency. So, we do our best to keep the process simple and hassle free for you so that there is no time wastage and you receive the required treatment on time.

7. Special food - Every treatment and procedure comes along with its own dietary restrictions. We make sure that the food served to you meets these restrictions so that you enjoy a speedy recovery. Customized diet plans are proffered keeping in individual requirements for safe and better outcomes.

Why Tanzania Patients Travel to India for Urology Surgery?

Tanzania is identified as one of the countries with serious shortage of healthcare facilities where the health system is not so matured and when it comes to distribution of resources there is gross imbalance. Lack of adequate resources makes it very difficult for the population to access quality healthcare services. There is quite restricted access to basic and emergency medical care services mainly due to poor economic and social conditions, insecurity and cost at the healthcare centers which do not function adequately. Thus, patients from Tanzania prefer travelling to other countries to get rescued from their health issues. The healthcare system in Tanzania is not fully-equipped and lack good surgeons and staffs. Also there is the deficit of medical resources that limited access to good quality medical care. Thus, public healthcare in Tanzania is generally of low quality due to widespread corruption, rampant poverty and limited resources.

Earlier only the affluent population of Tanzania could manage to get timely treatment in other countries. However, with India emerging as one of the best and leading medical tourism hubs of the world, patients from all sections of society in Tanzania can now afford the array of treatments and hence they have started flocking to India. With medical tourism picking up at a fast pace, a large number of patients are travelling from Tanzania to India for various medical and surgical treatments. Send us your query to know more about Medical Treatment in India for Tanzania Nationals.

Tour2India4Health has become the most preferred healthcare related service provider for patients from Tanzania by fulfilling the needs of such patients. The main factors attracting these medical tourists to India include saving money on the otherwise costly procedures for urology treatments and surgeries that are not available in Tanzania. India has some of the best qualified professionals in each and every medical sphere, and this fact has now been identified and widely accepted by people around the globe. Right from the availability of top-notch infrastructure, array of procedures and treatment options, quality of services and skilled manpower to perform any medical procedure, to zero waiting time the list of advantages goes on. Contact us to get a quick appointment with the Top Urologists in India.

Other factors that draw the attention of medical tourists include expert physicians and specialists with national and international experience, highly trained nurses/paramedics and assistant staff, usage of cutting edge technology matching global benchmarks, low or zero waiting periods, huge costs benefits as compared to other countries and rejuvenation and recreational programmes for patients. At Tour2India4Health, we offer affordable treatments, proficient doctors at the world class medical facilities which are at par with any of the western countries at competitive prices along with patient friendly ambience. Get in touch with us to book an instant appointment with the Best Urology Specialists in India.

About Indian Hospitals

Indian Hospitals have the latest and high-end technology and operative techniques to perform the urology surgery providing safe and better outcomes by minimizing complications. This also enables faster recovery and reduces the length of hospital stay. The urology hospitals in India offer a comprehensive range of urology surgery and care for Tanzanian patients. They are dedicated to provide state of the art medical and surgical care with state of the art facilities in radiology, laboratory, surgery room and nursing care and all these evaluation process are done on a 'one-day' and 'one-stop' basis to cater to the busy international clients. Book Cost Effective Urology Surgery Packages for Tanzanians in India by filling up the form given on the website.

A comprehensive approach to patient care is adapted by these hospitals, offering various urology services to diagnose and treat urology cancers, kidney stone disease, infertility, impotence, incontinence, prostatic surgery, female and paediatric urology, and other urinary difficulties. The best urology hospitals of India have the best qualified urologists, medical professional and specialized team that work together to treat their international patients providing the best they deserve. Get appointment at the Best Hospitals in India for Tanzania Patients by sending us your query.

Medical Visa Information for Patients from Tanzania to India

All medical tourists travelling to India require a Medical Visa to India from Tanzania - it is a form of permission when you enter another country. For Tanzania to India Medical Travel you can apply for the Indian visa at the Indian Embassy in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The Embassy has set guidelines for acquiring Tourist or Medical visa. Read more...

All applicants are required to -

  • Fill in the recommended application form, should be signed by the passport holder and nobody else. The signature of the passport holder must tally with that in the passport or else the holder must sign in the presence of the Visa Officer.
  • Enclose a valid Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate, which becomes valid only 10 days after the inoculation.
  • Enclose confirmed air tickets to India and onward or return, as applicable.
  • Enclose two recent passport size (37 mm x 37 mm) photographs. One photo must be affixed on the Visa application form on the space provided and the other must be attached to the application Form.
  • Enclose a valid Tanzania Re-Entry Permit or permit for onward destination on the passport.
  • Enclose a national passport of sufficient validity with one full blank page for endorsement of Visa.
  • Enclose a copy of Tanzania Dependent/Alien's Pass for all Non-Tanzania normally domiciled in Tanzania.
  • Copy of Dependent/Aliens Pass, as evidence of residence in Tanzania (applicable to resident Non-Tanzania foreign nationals only)

The applicant has to be personally present in Tanzania while applying for visa.

A medical category visa may be issued under the following conditions:

1. The Indian Missions/Posts abroad may scrutinize the medical documents very carefully and satisfy themselves about the bonafide purpose for which medical visa is being requested.

2. Mission may also check that the applicant has sought preliminary medical advice from his country of origin/country of residence and he has been advised to opt for specialized medical treatment. In case the foreign national desires to go for treatment under the Indian system of Medicines, his case may also be considered.

3. This type of visa should be granted for seeking medical attendance only in recognized and specialized hospitals/treatment centers in the country. Although non-exhaustive, the following ailments would be taken into primary consideration; serious ailments like neurological disorders; ophthalmic disorders; heart related problems; renal disorders; organ transplantations; plastic surgery; joint replacement etc. The basic idea would be that the mission may check the urgency factor related to the need of the medical tourist.

Validity of Visa and Extension of Visa

The initial period for such a visa may be up to a period of one year or the period of treatment whichever less, which can be extended for a further period of one year, by the State Government/FRROs (Foreigners Regional Registration Offices), on the production of medical certificate/advice from the reputed/recognized/specialized hospitals in the country. Any further extension will be granted by the Ministry of Home Affairs only on the recommendations of the State Government/FRROs supported by appropriate medical documents. Such visa will be valid for maximum three entries in a year but state government/FRROs may allow one additional entry in case of emergency.

Today, India is a global health tourism destination, with medical tourism growing by 30 percent each year. India's healthcare sector has seen an enormous boom over the years. While in India, you can surely explore your treatment options with us to get rid of your health issues. As you come to India for medical treatment, we make certain that you get an immediate appointment from the concerned doctors/surgeons, with the help of our assistant staff, who are there to provide you 24/7 hours of medical assistance, look after your accommodation, airport pick up, inland conveyance facility for moving to and fro between the hospital and, medical lodging at the hospital premises, access to internationally trained doctors/surgeons, JCI recognized medical staff, hygienic food and recreation facilities like holiday tours at renowned Indian resorts. So, patients from Tanzania suffering from serious health disorders, looking for urgent and affordable medical care in India are requested to send their medical case details by filling this enquiry form or calling us directly on our phone lines- +91 98607 55000 and +91 93711 36499.

At any given point to send us a medical query:  Go to the Enquiry Form 
Phone Numbers Reach Us-
India & International : +91-9860755000 / +91-9371136499
UK : +44-2081332571
Canada & USA : +1-4155992537

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