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Canadian Patient's Success Story Spine Surgery in India

Ms. Aline Samson, Canada
Spine Surgery For Her Mother

Miss. Aline Samson visited India for her mother’s back treatment as her mom was having a problem of spinal cord pain since three years. She tried almost all medications but nothing was working and the pain persisted. Doctor told her that her mother needs Foraminal stenosis surgery, but the cost was very high. She is a citizen of Canada and her family friend told her to get the treatment done in India for her mom. Her friend told her about Tour2india4healthGroup in India and its huge success rate. Tour2india4healthGroup made all the arrangements for getting the treatment done in India.

Hi, I am Aline Samson from Canada. Recently my mother got Foraminal stenosis surgery in India. I am obliged to my medical service providers –Tour2india4health Group. I lost my sleep as my mother was suffering from severe back pain was unable to perform normal day-to-day activities. And to make things worse, I wasn’t getting the proper place to get the treatment for my mother. She was told to get Foraminal stenosis surgery as soon as possible. On a friend’s advice I visited the site of the medical consultant in India called Tour2india4healthGroup, while I checked their website, I realized that it can prove a blessing for my mother, since the quality they promised for the Foraminal stenosis surgery in India was simply the best. I immediately called them up and discussed everything. I got a very good response from them. They were very supportive and encouraging. They planned everything on earth pertaining to my mother’s Foraminal stenosis surgery in India. One of the best surgeons in India examined my mother’s condition and confirmed the need for Foraminal stenosis surgery.

For Foraminal stenosis surgery, after a local anesthetic is administered, a small incision is made and a round Depuy tube is put into the incision. A series of tubes of increasing size are placed over this first tube, one at a time, to slowly create a small opening to the spine. That allows the surgeon to perform the Foraminal stenosis surgery with minimal damage to the surrounding muscles. The muscles are pushed out of the way and are not torn or cut. The last tube is about 18 millimeters in diameter (about as big as a small marker) and inserted through this working tube is the laser, camera, suction, irrigation and other surgical instruments.

Once everything is in place, the surgeon can begin removing the bone and tissue that is compressing the nerve without distress to the patient. Some patients feel immediate relief during the procedure as the nerve is released. When the procedure is complete, the tube is slowly removed, allowing the muscles to move back into place. Occasionally, a stitch or two is needed for the incision. 

After 1 - 2 hours of monitoring, my mother was shifted from ICU to a private room at the hospital. My mother was told to take a long walk in the afternoon post Foraminal stenosis surgery procedure. After a weeks stay at the hospital and under so much care my mother got the final clearance from the doctor to return home. I am glad that I came across Tour2india4healthGroup. They made everything very easy for me. They also assisted me with the visa procedure and the travel arrangements. I am very impressed by the medical expertise of the medical team who performed my mother’s Foraminal stenosis surgery. I am thankful to the guys of Tour2india4healthGroup, who expedited everything regarding my mother’s Foraminal stenosis surgery in India. Hospital in India provided us with the best results and care by ensuring that everything they encounter is of the highest quality. Tour2india4healthGroup in India provided us complete wellness journey. State of art hospital of India and world class spine surgeons provided meticulous care during surgery avoiding complications. It was a great experience for me and my mother in India as the arrangements made by Tour2india4healthGroup was the best in Industry. I am very much thankful to the expert surgeons who were responsible for my mother’s successful Foraminal stenosis surgery in India and to the caring staff of the hospital. And I wish to tell that Tour2india4healthGroup is the best option for getting Foraminal stenosis surgery in India.

Thank you,

Ms. Aline Samson

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