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Successful Urology Treatment Leading a Pain-Free and Healthier Life

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Urology Treatment in India – Dr. Vikram Sharma

Ureteral obstruction is painful and comes with a variety of complications. Only someone who has experienced it can know how difficult it makes your life. Laparoscopic surgery for ureteral obstruction helped treat my condition and I am thankful that I am now leading a pain-free and healthier life after successful urology treatment in India.

Having read all that, you must be wondering who I am and where I am from.

I am a mother of two and I lead an independent life, as I am separated. My friends and family are proud of me because I am a self-made woman. I work in a government agency in our capital city of Minsk. Life was going good for me until in 2014 I started having pain in my lower abdomen. I visited my doctor who after a few checkups asked me to see a urologist. I visited the urologist that was recommended by my doctor.

My doctor had given me some pain killers but once their effect was over, the pain would return again. I knew that there was something seriously wrong with me. I also had difficulty going to the toilet and suffered from infections. When I visited the urologist, whose office was a little far away, she asked me to get some blood and urine tests. This was followed by an ultrasound scan. She told me that she suspected that I had a ureteral obstruction. I didn’t know what it meant and was afraid if it would be a life-threatening condition. But she convinced me that it would not be serious if it is treated.

She sent me for another scan which was known as something like a nuclear scan. After another round of CT and MRI scans, she confirmed to me that her suspicions were true. When I asked her about the treatment of my problem, she told me that surgery was the only way. I was shocked because I had to take care of two children, I had to go to my job, and I didn’t have my husband to be my side. I was so depressed at the thought of having to deal with surgery and take care of my children at the same time. Their schooling needed to be attended and there was so much more going on in my life.

I let my family and friends know about my problem and they were all eager to help and take care of me and my children. I am thankful that I have such good parents, siblings, and friends. My cousin is a doctor and asked me where I would be getting my surgery for ureteral obstruction. I said that I didn’t know about it. She told me about the quality of surgery in our country and asked me to visit another country like India where high-quality and Budget Friendly Urology Treatment in India is given.

This put me further in a difficult position because I didn’t want to leave my kids and travel to another country. Then my cousin told me about the quality issues here and why it would be much safer to travel to India. When I visited my urologist for the next checkup, she also agreed to my cousin’s suggestion. I had never traveled out of European countries. When I discussed my situation with my parents and siblings, they asked me to go to India and they would take care of my children. And when it came to the question of going to India, my cousin's doctor told me about medical tourism companies.

I searched online to come across a few companies. And I found Tour2india4health medical service providerto be a promising name based on the services they offered. I called on their number and was received by a lady. I was confused about how things will be but the friendly coordinator answered all my questions and provided me some much-needed relief about my concerns. Some of the questions that I asked her included the following:

  • How are you going to help me?
  • Is it going to be major surgery for me?
  • Who will be doing my surgery?

In response, she answered, “We will be supporting you from the first moment of communication with you until complete recovery. We will assist in getting the medical visa, support you for all travel bookings, make all the accommodation and food arrangements, and connect you with the Top Urologist at Best Hospital in India. The type of surgery will be determined by the specialist you choose.” She continued, “We will be your point of contact with all the medical professionals and doctors as a guide and assistant to clarify all your doubts and queries wherever and whenever you have.” The best thing I appreciated and truly admire during the first communication with the Tour2india4health consultantsis the statement, “Trust us, you are placing yourself in safe hands, and we will never let you down.”

She also let me know about the benefits of getting successful urology treatment in India. The cost of surgery was much more affordable than in almost any part of the world. She also told me that the quality of medical care and treatment provided is among the highest in the world. She said that she will be my coordinator and asked me to share my medical reports. I sent all my reports to the email address she provided.

I received the coordinator’s call the next day. She said that my reports were shared with top 10 urologist in India. All of them had suggested for me to have laparoscopic surgery. I was concerned at this point and asked the following questions:

  • Is there no alternative to surgery?
  • How long will I have to stay in the hospital?
  • Are there any complications or risk factors for this surgery?

Again, the coordinator replied to my questions straightforwardly and clearly. She said:

  • All the surgeons have said that there is no other treatment option for your condition.
  • The laparoscopic surgery for your condition doesn't require you to stay in the hospital for more than 5 days.
  • These doctors have done thousands of similar successful surgeries with high urology treatment success rate in India.

Once I received answers to my questions, the associate told me to relax and not worry about anything. She said that this was a widely performed surgery and you should not have to worry about any risks. It is different for open surgery and involved very less incision. This gave me some respite and reduced my stress. The associate kept calling me for the next few days, clearing several of my other doubts. I gained more and more knowledge of the procedure that was meant for my condition. All this made me feel better.

During these days, I planned my parents to take care of my kids. One of my sisters agreed to travel with me for my surgery. So it was finally decided that I will be traveling to India. I studied the profiles and history of all the doctors that the coordinator shared with me. My cousin who was a doctor helped me chose Dr. Vikram Sharma best urologist in India. I called my coordinator and informed her about my decision about the doctor and my visit to India. She told me not to worry about anything and that Tour2india4health consultants will take care of everything. I also felt relieved that my ailment will finally be treated.




A month after my first diagnosis, I landed in India with my sister. We were met by a professionally dressed man at the airport, who dropped us at our hotel. Every part of our journey was arranged by Tour2india4health, the medical service provider. This included my Indian Medical Visa, the visa of my sister, our stay, and local travels. This simplified everything for us because we did not have to make these complicated arrangements ourselves.

My coordinator called us when we reached the hotel and asked me if everything was good. She asked me to be prepared for my appointment the next day. The next day, the person who picked us up from the airport arrived and drove us to Fortis Hospital in India Dr. Vikram Sharma in the best hospitals for urology surgery. The first time I saw the surgeon, I felt good. I found him to be so courteous and down to earth. Despite being one of the best urologists in India, he had no sense of arrogance. My sister and I asked many questions and he answered all of them with patience. He was also focused on making me feel calm and relaxed. He also explained the complete procedure of laparoscopic surgery and it made me feel so much better.

Once the consultation was over, the surgeon required me to get a few more tests. I had to provide my blood and urine samples. The reports were shared with me in the evening and my coordinator called me to confirm that my surgery will be the next day. My sister and I were dropped at the facility early morning the next day. I was received by nurses who dressed and prepared me for the procedure. Soon Dr. Vikram Sharma arrived and another specialist gave me general anesthesia. I lost my consciousness and don't know what happened after that.

When the effect of the anesthesia went away, I woke up in a patient’s room. I found my sister sitting close and a nurse in the room. My sister told me that she had a long discussion with the doctor after my surgery and that everything was fine. I was pleased to know that. She told me that my ureteral obstruction was cleared, and after a few days of healing, we will be able to go back to our country. At the moment, I was so happy and wanted to see and hug my children.

I had little discomfort for the next two days. It felt like something was grabbing tightly at some points under my abdomen area. But that sensation was gradually going away. I was relieved from the facility after a few days, and my doctor asked me to spend some time everyday walking. During the time of my discharge, the doctor spent some time with us explaining the things that I should be doing and things I should be avoiding. He was so considerate that he even gave us his personal contact number for any queries. He asked me if there was any concern on return, I could reach him or even my local doctor could call him.

I also called my coordinator. I thanked her for all the support she provided and told her that my successful urology treatment in India would not have been possible without her help. She told me that she was happy that I was treated and was able to return to my children. She also asked me to call her if I had any questions or problems in the future.

We spent a week more in India for me to recover and be strong enough for the flight journey. I had a few more conversations with my coordinator and Dr. Vikram Sharma during this time. They both kept giving me more advice on how to speed up my healing. I also learned about the foods and activities I should be doing. It was such a pleasant experience. Everyone involved was so friendly to us from the time we landed in India.

Once we returned to Minsk, I went to see my urologist. She was surprised at the result of my successful urology treatment in India. She checked all the reports and even called Dr. Vikram Sharma. I was required to visit her every month for the first 6 months. After that, she told me to visit only once a year. I have been leading a healthy life since then and am thankful to everyone, including my Tour2india4health consultants, their team, Dr. Vikram Sharma Best Urologist in Delhi, my cousin, my family, and the nurses for taking care of me and guiding me to recovery.

I returned to my job a few weeks after my surgery and I didn’t have any issues. I was so happy to be back with my children. Everything related to my travel and the Successful Urology Treatment in India went smoothly because of the professionalism of the Tour2india4health medical service provider. I cannot thank them enough. If there was not such a team, I cannot imagine how I would have received quality treatment. Now it is such a long time after my surgery, and I am able to lead a healthy life without any issues.




  • Simple booking procedure
  • Quick medical visa facility
  • Safe and comfortable accommodation
  • 24/7 full patient support services
  • Excellent quality of services

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