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International Patients Testimonials

Kenyan Patient Knock Knee Surgery In India

Sasha Daughter of Svetlana, Kenya

Affordable Knock knee Surgery in India

Being able to walk straight and properly can be a very big and important gift from god. If you have that gift, you are lucky. But my daughter was not so lucky.We went through a lot because my daughter was suffering with his condition of knock knee.... Read More

Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery India

Mrs. Sophie from Belarus

Patient Review Urology Treatment in India

Ureteral obstruction is painful and comes with a variety of complications. Only someone who has experienced it can know how difficult it makes your life.Laparoscopic surgery for ureteral obstruction helped treat my... Read More

Fatema Fahim patient story

Mrs. Fatema Fahim from Oman

Minimal Invasive Total Knee Replacement Surgery

My name is Fatema Fahim and I am 75 years old. I live in Oman which is a wonderful country except for the extremely expensive medical treatment for any ailment. Up until a couple of years ago, I was a healthy and very active person. What started as a light pain in my knees became unbearably painful with time... Read More

Abu Ahmed patient story

Mr. Abu Ahmed from Libya

Cyberknife Surgery

My name is Abu Ahmed and I live with my wife Fatima and two kids. I am 45 years old and my whole world was shattered when one and a half years ago, the doctor said that I had a brain tumor. Just like any regular person, the news came as a bombshell... Read More

Dental Treatment Kenya Patient Story

Ms. Wambui , Kenya

Dental Treatment made a Noticeable Change in Nigerian Patient’s Life

When I first saw my smile after my dental treatment I couldn’t believe it. It has changed my life.Tooth ache and problem related to oral health is not new to Ms. Wambui from Kenya. Since her childhood she was a constant patient of the local dentist in her hometown .... Read More

India for Affordable Glaucoma Surgery

Mrs. Margaret Sandi, Sierra Leone

Eye Specialists Saved Patient’s Vision performing Glaucoma Surgery

Hello, I’m Mrs. Margaret Sandi, Sierra Leone. I came with my husband as his medical attendant in India. We knew that he has defect in his left eye since five years now but he noticed that it’s his right eye that he was troubled with recently..... Read More

International Patient Hip Replacement Surgery Experience

Mr. Henry Ume, Nigeria

Relief from Severe Hip Pain after 10 years

I’m Henry Ume from Nigeria and I’m a pharmacist by profession. My mother is 65 year old and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of Hip and since then she had been suffering from severe pain and discomfort.... Read More

Myeloma Patient Experience India

Mrs. Anna Eriscon, Spain

Anna’s Journey from Spain to India for her ‘GYNECOLOGY MYELOMA’

Hello, I’m Anna Eriscon from Spain and I came to India for gynecology surgery. The medical facilities in India are very different from Spain, as the gynecology surgery in India I opted for was quite conventional, but it did wonders.... Read More

knee replacement surgery australia patient

Mrs. Marlene Mccanne , Australia

Total Knee Replacement Surgery through the Pathway of Tour2India4Health

For years, the chronic pain in knee had Mrs. Marlene Mccanne miss so many family moments and vacations. On the work front also, she was missing so many growth opportunities because of her medical condition that it was getting depressing for her.... Read More

Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery India

Mrs. Flora Daniel Mazikuma, Uganda

Advanced Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in India for Osteoarthritis Patients

Mrs. Flora Daniel who lived in Uganda, had some discomfort while walking. She suffered severe pain in her knee. Walking is needed in every basic daily routine work and she was in distress as she could not manage to do her everyday tasks... Read More

Artifical Limbs Prosthesis Surgery India

Mr. Uchenna, Nigeria

All the Way from Nigeria to India for Artificial Limbs

Uchenna from Nigeria travelled all the way from Nigeria to India for prosthesis surgery for implanting artificial limbs. The patient was experiencing a low quality life with inability to perform even the basic activities of the daily routine... Read More

Orthopedic Treatment Leg Amputation Surgery India

Mr. Usman Yabani, Nigeria

Orthopedic Treatment and Leg Amputation Surgery in India

Mr. Usman Yabani who lives in Nigeria was miserable due to severe pain below his knee. It’s been few months that he had developed such harsh pain that he used to spend sleepless nights... Read More

Knee Replacement Surgery India

Mrs. Denise Edna Reid, New Zealand

Getting Back to the Regular Routine Comfortably

Mrs. Reid had been experiencing rigidity in her knee since a very long time. She was not comfortable to sit and she was not comfortably able to walk. When this became a routine problem for her, she understood that it is time when she gets her knees checked... Read More

Orthopedic Surgery India

Mr. Ayodeji Saliu, Nigeria

Indian orthopedic hospitals – Latest medical facilities under one roof

Indian orthopedic hospitals are state of the art and geared up with the latest technology. Here you will find all the latest medical facilities under one roof... Read More

Arm Lift Cosmetic Surgery India

Ms. Mandy - Canada

Arm Lift Cosmetic Surgery in India provided with Perfection and Professionalism at Affordable Cost

Arm Lift Cosmetic Surgery in India is getting an overwhelming response from thousands of global patients from all over the world due to world-class quality services along with the low cost services... Read More

Facelift Surgery India

Mrs. Lou Ann, USA

American Lady’s Facelift Surgery in India

I am Lou Ann from USA and I came for my facelift surgery in India through Tour2india4health with the best facelift surgeon in Mumbai, India associated with Tour2india4health... Read More


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