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Nigerian Patient's Success Story Radical Hysterectomy Surgery in India

Mrs. Isa, Nigeria
Radical Hysterectomy

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Surgery in India is available at affordable price for both national and international patients.  Medical tourism is fast emerging as a big opportunity with its low cost advantage, high quality healthcare providers and an English speaking populace. Not just cost savings or the high standard of medical care facility, but also the waiting time is much lower for any treatment in India than in any other country. Medical help is often an emergency and situations can turn worse if the treatment is delayed. While you might have to wait for several months to get a surgical operation done in the US, in India things can be arranged within a week. As more and more patients from Europe, the USA and other affluent nations with high medical costs look for effective options, healthcare tourism in India is definitely on the cards for most of them.

Hello, I am Mrs. Isa from Nigeria. I had my Laparoscopic Radical Hysterectomy Surgery in India. Thank a million to my medical consultant Tour2India4Health Group, who managed all my medical affairs in India. My mother had a hysterectomy for fibroids a few years ago. She spent 4 days in the hospital and it took her 6 weeks to feel like herself. When I found out that I had fibroids and needed surgery, I was terrified. I was so afraid of having a hysterectomy that I suffered with bleeding and pain for 2 years, hoping that it would just get better. During this period my fibroid grew so large that I could not find any doctor who would even consider anything but an open hysterectomy. I was told that they were so large that I would need a midline incision. But, thanks to Tour2India4Health Group, who told me that a laparoscopic option is also available that required minimum incision and the recovery time is just 2-3 days. The entire package they offered to me for my Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Surgery in India was not only affordable but the best with top quality hospital and best surgeon we appointed to get my surgery done.

 A laparoscopic radical hysterectomy includes the removal of the uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix, supporting tissues, upper portions of the vagina, and lymph nodes. This procedure usually includes the removal of 1 or both ovaries and may be performed in addition to the treatment of certain cancers. A laparoscope is a narrow tube with a tiny camera on the end. Your surgeon will make 3 to 4 small cuts in your belly. The laparoscope and other surgical instruments will be inserted through the other cuts. Your uterus will be cut into smaller pieces that your surgeon will remove through the small cuts.

As said, just 3 days stay at the hospital and I was free from all my problems. My recovery was so quick and without any pain or complications. The best part of the surgery was no scars, just 3 very small incision were visible that doctors said with vanish after few weeks. After my Surgery, I had the opportunity to visit the local place where I had my surgery. I had the chance to visit their historic place, eat their local delicacies and the shopping part was best. You get so many good things in India at such an affordable and cheap price. I am thankful to Tour2India4health Group for arranging my Laparoscopic Radical Hysterectomy Surgery in India and curing me in the best possible way at such a pocket friendly budget.

Thank you,

Mrs. Isa

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