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Nigerian Patient's Success Story Liver Treatment in India

Mrs. Lolo, Nigeria
Liver Treatment for her husband

Liver abscesses treatment in India is gaining popularity with more and more medical tourists coming all around the world. Here you will find Liver abscesses treatment with state of art facilities under best medical expertise. And above all, these treatments comes at low cost, which is easily affordable by many. Every year, thousands of international patients come down to India for their medical treatments and surgery. We at Tour2India4Health have been instrumental in managing these treatments of foreign patients. Recently Mrs. Lolo from Nigeria was here for her husband’s Liver abscesses treatment in India. Read on the testimonial by a Nigerian citizen sharing her experience.

The road to relief for my husband through his Liver abscesses treatment in India was mind blowing. Well, to proceed with this story, let me introduce, I am Mrs. Lolo Amadi, I am from Nigeria. It was a splendid experience to have my husband’s treatment done in India. What more can we expect, having a treatment at such a low cost and that too with best quality. This all happened because of the presence of my medical consultant Tour2India4Health Group, which was the result of my internet search. Otherwise, his health was in a bad shape, a couple of weeks before, when my husband was seen immersed with few symptoms of abdominal pain, weight loss, fever, chills, diaphoresis, nausea, vomiting, and anemia. We then consulted a local doctor, wherein he after listening to my husband’s symptoms, did some abnormal liver function tests, blood tests and a liver ultrasound. After doing so, the doctor suggested my husband to undergo Liver abscesses treatment in India.

I contacted the medical consultant called Tour2India4Health group, from India, who are into the business of providing health treatments to foreign patients. I thoroughly browsed their website; I checked the video testimonials of a couple of patients from Nigeria, who had good time in India for their medical treatment and surgeries. After getting a complete satisfaction on the same, I proceeded to communicate with them regarding my husband’s Liver abscesses treatment in India. The same evening I got a call from an executive of the company; he asked to send in my husband’s medical history so that he can discuss my husband’s case with some senior doctors in India. Within 48 hours, he called me with the conformed information on where to conduct the surgery, at which hospitals and under which doctor pertaining to my husband’s Liver abscesses treatment in India. Considering the advantages like affordability with quality factor, I gave my consent to them from my husband’s Liver abscesses treatment in India.

Soon, we booked our tickets for my husband’s Liver abscesses treatment in India and we reached India the next week after contacting Tour2India4Health. The treatment we got in India right from the first day to the last was really incredible. I remember the meeting with doctor who was scheduled to carry my husband’s Liver abscesses treatment in India. He was a gentleman person with professional approach; he boosted our morale which made a good start in India.

The Liver abscesses treatment comes with Antibiotic therapy, along with drainage, is the preferred treatment for most hepatic abscesses. Pereutaneous drainage, either with ultrasound or CT guidance, is usually sufficient to evacuate pus. Surgery may be performed to drain pus in unstable patients with continued sepsis (despite attempted non surgical treatment) and for patients with persistent fevers (lasting longer than 2 weeks) after percutaneous drainage and appropriate antibiotic therapy. A common combination is ampicillin, an amino glycoside, and either metronidazole or clindamycin. Third-generation cephalosporins can be substituted for the aminoglycosides in patients at risk for renal toxicity. When the causative organisms are identified, the antibiotic regimen should be modified to match the patient's sensitivities. I.V. antibiotics should be administered for 14 days and then replaced with oral preparations to complete a 6 week course. Surgery is reserved for bowel perforation and rupture into the pericardium. The entire Acute Cholecystitis treatment in India of my husband went smooth and we soon returned to Nigeria.

After my husband’s Acute Cholecystitis treatment in India, we returned to Nigeria, within a week’s time, I was back to my normal life. Indeed my experience in India was very good. I am glad with its outcome. I will certainly recommend anyone for Acute Cholecystitis treatment in India. Last but not the least; I would like to extend my words of gratitude to the executives of Tour2India4Health who virtually did everything for my husband and to the surgeon and his medical team at hospital who performed my husband’s sucessfull Acute Cholecystitis treatment in India. May God bless everyone who had been directly or indirectly involved in treating my husband and helping him free from his alinment.

Thank you,

Mrs. Lolo

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