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Nigerian Patient Experience Heart Failure Surgery in Mumbai India

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Heart Failure in Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Bangalore is popular for good quality which comes at India’s best cardiac hospitals. Indeed it has proven to be a best solution to get rid of your heart problems. Many of foreign patients flock down India for various medical treatments and surgeries. Recently Ms. Lucy from Nigeria was here for her Heart Failure in Ahmedabad India. Soon after a month or so we received a testimonial from her. Read on to see what she has to say about her experience.

Hi, My name is Lucy. I am from Nigeria. Last month I had my Heart Failure in Ahmedabad. Heart Failure is a chronic or subacute disease process that involves the heart muscle and causes either systolic dysfunction or diastolic dysfunction, or both; it most commonly involves the endocardium and occasionally the pericardium. My Heart Failure in India was made possible by the medical consultant Tour2India4Health. I would say that it was no less than a miracle because I was treated under the best Indian cardiac doctors and surgeons who are no less than magicians. The doctors back in Nigeria were unsuccessful in providing me the treatment for Heart Failure and sent me home with some medications for pain, depressions and some mild dose sleeping pills. But the day I set my foot in India, my life changed, my health changed and within a span of 10 days I was fit to return back to Nigeria to lead a  more healthier and a more normal life. I was admitted to one of the best cardiac hospital in Ahemdabad. My medical consultant Tour2India4Health offered me to have my Heart Failure at cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Ahmedabad and I choose the later.

Several different types of surgery are used to treat Heart Failure. Septal myectomy is open-heart surgery. It's used for people who have hypertrophic obstructive Heart Failure and severe symptoms. This surgery generally is used for younger patients and for people whose medicines aren't working well. During the surgery, a surgeon removes part of the thickened septum that's bulging into the left ventricle. This improves blood flow through the heart and out to the body. The removed tissue doesn't grow back. The surgeon also can repair or replace the mitral valve at the same time (if needed). Septal myectomy often is successful and allows you to return to a normal life with no symptoms.

Reached Ahmedabad on Monday morning, had my surgery on Wednesday only after I was made stabilized with medications and made fit for the surgery and on Saturday I was fit to walk and talk. My Heart Failure in Ahmedabad went smooth and everything went perfect. After having my Heart Failure in Ahemdabad, my doctor advised me to follow few steps to take care of my heart. A healthy diet and physical activity are part of a healthy lifestyle. I am thankful to God for the amazing team of doctors and nurses He provided during my Heart Failure in Ahmedabad and for His continued healing touch during my recovery. My overall experience in Ahemdabad and in India was very good. I am glad with my Heart Failure outcome. I will certainly recommend anyone for the Heart Failure in Ahemdabad-India. Lastly, I would like to thank the executives of Tour2India4Health and the surgeon who performed my Heart Failure. May God bless them all!

Thank you,

Ms. Lucy

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