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Prof. Dr. Mohan Thomas
Cosmetic Surgeon, Mumbai



Prof. Dr. Mohan Thomas he is Certified Cosmetic Surgeon with a special interest in facial cosmetic surgery. His undergraduate studies were at Mumbai University and hold Doctoral and Post Doctoral degrees from Medical College of Pennsylvania. He interned at Allegheny University, Philadelphia and completed Residencies /Fellowship in Facial Plastic and Maxillofacial surgery, General Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery at very prestigious institute such as Mount Sinai/New York University Hospital Health System and Hehnemann University Hospitals. He is Certifies Instructor at BLS , ATLS and ACLS.

Dr. Thomas is a Professor of Surgery at Mount Sinai/NYU School of Medicine and a Visiting Scholar at Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York. He is currently and Honorary Consultant- Cosmetic Surgery at The Beach Candy Hospitals and Research Center and Cumballa Hill Heart Institute and Research Institute Mumbai.

Dr. Thomas is the Medical Doctor of Cosmetic Surgery Institute and Founder President of Asian Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and The Academy of Anti Aging Medicine Mumbai/New York. He is in private practice of limited to the full scope of Cosmetic and Image Enhancing Surgery. It was only natural that after being well-versed in Endoscopic Surgery since 1984 his level of comfort now makes him expert in Endoscopic Cosmetic Surgery- the only one in India.

His level of Comfort with his Diagnostic and Surgical skills, kind-heartedness and humble nature makes it joy to watch him at work. His unique style of practice without a Big-Ego and Arrogance is refreshing and he Guarantees absolute protection of patients privacy regardless of who it is. His attention to details and commitment to Art and Science of Cosmetic Surgery has let to clocking over 7,500 hours of Continuing Education keeping him at cutting edge of the field. Moreover, his gentle style of Teaching brings him practicing physician from all corners of this country and world.

He is indeed grateful for the whole-hearted support and the welcomes he received from his home town. Mumbai upon his return from the US after over 20 Years.


  Prof. Dr. Mohan Thomas
Cosmetic Surgeon, Mumbai



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