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Dr. Franklin's Panchakarma Institute, Kerala

Dr. V. Franklin, the Chief Medical Officer is fully qualified in the field, hailing from a family of 400 years traditional background. He is formely District Medical Officer of Kerala Government in the Ayurveda System of Medicine. He has been working in the field for the last 37 years and a specialist in "Panchakarma" and had given Consultation and Seminars in all most all foreign countries. He was awarded "Tourism Man of the Year 1999", connected with Ayurveda.

 1. Born to Win:
    21 days 834$

 2. Rejuvenation Therapy:
    (Rasayana Chikilsa) 14days-520 $

 3. You and you spine:
    15days-740 $

 4. Body mind and soul:

 5. Body immunization / Anti-aging treatment:
     28days- 1110$

 6. Slimming Programme:

 7. Beauty care programme:

 8. Panchakarma Chikilsa:
     (Full course)51days-2180$

 8.(B) Panchakarma Programme:
     30days Course 1300$

Other Treatment Programmes available for Low Back Ache, Cervical Spondylosis, Arthitis, Neurological Disorders, Insomnia, Psoriasis, Obesity, Detoxification, Beauty Care Programme, Stress Relief Rejuvenation Therapy from 7 to 30 Days.

1. Package rates in Institute(no sea view)

Package in institute (for cottages with one spacious bed room and attached bathroom)i.e., 80$ per day per person. For double occupancy 145$per day. (Twin sharing basis) Which includes ayurvedictreatement, Ayurvedic vegetarian food full board and accommodation.
No luxury tax for accommodation in institute.

2. Package rates in sea view.(SHIN SHIVA RESORT)

60$ for two people in this Kerala Bungalows including B/Fast per day for accomodation. 12$ for Ayurvedic vegetarian Lunch and Dinner per day per person 41 $ for treatment for a day per person. For single occupancy per person for single occupancy. For double on twin sharing basis 60+24+82=166 $ per day for two person.

3. Different types of rooms available having veranada,balcony,patio and separate garden
    7.5% Luxury tax extra for room rent.


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