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Florida Patient's Success Story Spine Surgery in India

Mr. Ricky Sablet, Florida - USA
Spine Surgery

Spinal foramen stenosis in India can be said to be a great healer for millions of people affected by their health problems. Every year, thousands of international patients come down to India for their medical treatments and surgery. We at Tour2India4Health have been instrumental in managing these treatments of foreign patients with utmost prudence and professionalism. Recently Mr. Ricky Sablet from America was here for his Spinal foramen stenosis in India. We received a testimonial from him after he recovered and resumed his normal life. Read on to see what he has to say about his experience.

Hi, I am one of those fortunate souls whose body is now pain-free after my Spinal foramen stenosis in India recently. However, a couple of week back, my back was badly torn up with the arthritis pain, which got fixed with the help of my medical consultant Tour2India4Health Group. Well before I proceed with my saga of relief, let me introduce myself, I am Ricky Sablet from America. I am a person who is professionally dedicated to helping others overcome physical and emotional pain. Ironically, I, myself suffered from arthritis pain. I was witnessed with a back pain followed by numbness and stiffness of my spine, which badly affected my lifestyle, leading me nowhere. I consulted a local spine doctor, he after listening to my symptoms and carrying out few tests including the X-ray, confided that I have an arthritis pain at my spine and would now require Spinal foramen stenosis. Instead of spending my time outside with my friends, I used to spend my time in hospitals and doctor's offices. All I witnessed was a long queue for patients with very expensive packages for my Spinal foramen stenosis. I turned towards the world of internet, wherein I tried various countries and cities and eventually learnt that having my Spinal foramen stenosis in India would be the best option to go ahead in life. I learnt that there are numbers of world class hospitals and spine surgeons which can alleviate my problem. Moreover, many of my friends swear to Indian hospital and doctors, my further research over the internet led me to a medical consultant Tour2India4Health Group based in India. I communicated with them, shared my medical reports. The executive of the company offered me viable packages pertaining to my Spinal foramen stenosis in India. It seemed quiet lucrative hence opted for the same. Soon I reached for my Spinal foramen stenosis in India. And the moment I stepped inside the hospital and met the doctors, I was convinced I was at the right place. My treatment commenced with no further delays. Surgical treatment of Spinal foramen stenosis revolves around a laminectomy of the involved area. This surgery is sometimes called a “de-roofing” procedure because the overlying lamina (the “roof”) of the spinal canal is removed, thus relieving the stenosis. The idea is to give the contents of the spinal canal and the dural sac more room, thus relieving the stenosis. Surgical failures most notably occur when scar tissue grows into the laminectomy area causing a “dural scar” or a “stenotic scar” which then can cause the same problem as the original stenosis. Depending on the extent of the spinal stenosis, surgery may remove enough of the supporting structures of the spine that support needs to be added. In these cases, a spine fusion procedure will also be performed in order to prevent problems with instability of the spine. My entire Spinal foramen stenosis in India went smooth.

Following my Spinal foramen stenosis in India I was shifted to a recovery room, wherein I was visited by my surgeon, he suggested me a couple of exercises, along with few medications. Soon I returned to America, and after following the precautions and exercises, I am back on track. From my point of view, the results were nothing short of miraculous. I must thank to the medical consultant Tour2India4Health Group, and the doctors and the entire medical team in India. It is difficult for me to translate the excitement I am now enjoying in these few short words in this letter. Still would ask my Lord to bless everyone who played their part in expediting my Spinal foramen stenosis in India. May God bless them all, I am sure with such results I can recommend anyone in America.

Thank you,

Mr. Ricky Sablet
Florida - USA

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