Fibromyalgia and Sex: What Should you know!

By | December 3, 2015

Fibromyalgia and Sex

If you are facing the issue of fibromyalgia, your sexual life becomes challenging. You can experience issues like the loss of libido and thus fail to have a good performance over your bedroom confirms the reports in the journal of Fibromyalgia. Despite having your healthy libido, you can experience muscle pain and stiffness about fibromyalgia that can add hurdles in your way of enjoying sex the way you always have enjoyed. It is not unusual for anyone to see complaining about the chronic illness due to sex life, however, a healthy sex life is really important for a number of reasons. The sexual encounters help in boosting up the intimacy in relationship, while sexual intercourse ends up boosting the endorphins. Let’s understand how sex life is affected by this condition and is there any way out to this as under:

Why Sex is affected by Fibromyalgia?

Why Sex is affected by Fibromyalgia

With medical ailment like Fibromyalgia, issues like fatigue, stiffness, anxiety and pain are inevitable. This hampers the physical activities of patients suffering from this condition. When movement becomes a menace, forget about having sex with your partner. Secondly, these issues even hamper with the person’s libido. Though one can have the urge of having sex with the partner but the unwillingness and eeriness in her or his body can make things bad to worse. However, if you are able to learn the art of self management about these symptoms with options like exercises, medications and making certain changes in our habits, one can end up shaping up the sexual life to a great extent. Also, you can consult your doctor to get certain medications for treatment of both these conditions the fibromyalgia and libido.

Having Sex Despite Being Hurt from Fibromyalgia

Having Sex Despite Being Hurt from Fibromyalgia

There are a number of fibromyalgia patients, who are seen giving up their romantic aspirations for fear of further pain and injury. Yet you have the option of getting intimate to your partner. With the pain due to the medical condition called Fibromyalgia and the tender points, you are supposed to work out some strategy with your partner and thus find out certain comfortable positions while having sexual intercourse. For example if you have the issue of fibromyalgia with lower back pain, you may discover that by having your partner over the top of by simply lying over his or her side can be the most comfortable position to go for while having sex.


Or if you are a woman who is seen with fibromyalgia or with hip pain, you can think of using pillows below your knees in order to stabilize your body during your sexual intercourse. Just because you have had sex in this fashion simply do not mean that this is the only way out. You are just supposed to be patient take things slowly in order to find out the best sexual positions, which can allow you to become intimate without feeling the further pain. Just keep in mind that there is simply wrong or right ways of falling into the intimacy with your partner.

Trying Other Options to Smoothen Sex with Fibromyalgia

Trying Other Options to Smoothen Sex with Fibromyalgia

The moist heat like soaking over the warm bath can really help in working out with the fibromyalgia pain and thus allow you to enjoy sexual intercourse or trying any exercise without feeling the pain makes the difference. The heat simply boosts up the blood flow over the site and thus reduces the stiffness, which can be called as the key symptom of this condition called Fibromyalgia. Having regular moist heat applications or with warm baths can really help in reducing the muscle pain or the tender point pain to some extent along with reducing the inflammation and muscles spasms. While having the moist heat, do keep in mind that it is certainly that warm or you end up burning your skin as well. You could soak while having the warm bath for around 15 minutes before going for a sex drive or any other physical activity. You can find a number of other common kinds of moist heat, which include a warm shower like warm whirlpool or having the hot tub, moist heating pad and heating swimming pool.

Percentage reporting a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia

If you after trying all the options and still fail to enjoy your sexual life and find the pain due to fibromyalgia overshadowing the pleasure it is always better to consult a doctor. He or she will recommend you a couple of medications, which can reduce the pain due to fibromyalgia and boost up the urge for sexual encounters.

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