Knee Replacement Surgery 6 Things You Really Need to Know

By | March 22, 2022

Knee Replacement Surgery 6 Things You Really Need to Know

1. What is Knee Replacement Surgery?

It is an undeniable fact that there are millions of people across the globe, suffering from Knee pain. Surely, there are many of these, who get relief from medications and other pain relief techniques. However, there are numerous, who, despite of trying the traditional forms of treatment, are unable to get rid of the pain and discomfort. Such patients can take the help of a Knee Replacement Surgery, also known as a Knee Arthroplasty.

This has become a highly promising surgical choice for patients with severe Knee pain and more than 90 percent of patients, who have opted for this surgery, have reported to have gained massive relief. Not only this, the patients have recovered well enough, not only to get back to their usual routine but to highly strenuous sports activities too.

2. What are the different types of Knee Replacement Surgery?

Today, much to the respite of the patients, there are different types of Knee Replacement Surgery available. Depending on the amount of damage, the type of surgery, most suitable for the patient, can be chosen as well as and the technology implemented in Knee Replacement Surgery, together can bring maximum surgical results.

  1. Total Knee Replacement Surgery – This surgery taken about one or one-an-a-half hour and in this, all of the weight-bearing diseased bone and Knee Cartilage is removed and replaced with a customised or man-made prosthetic joint. These prosthetics are made up of metal or plastic components and match up to replicate the Knee functions. A very polished and sturdy metal alloy substitutes the femur section of the Knee joint, the Tibia section is replaced with a highly durable polymer tray and the Knee cap or Patella is changed with more plastic material.
  2. Partial Knee Replacement Surgery – Also known as a Uni Compartmental Knee Replacement, this surgery is chosen if only one compartment or section of the Knee is severely damaged and needs a replacement and not the entire Knee joint. Either for the Femur or Patella or the Tibia section, an implant is passed via a small cut and is positioned.
  3. Kneecap Replacement Surgery – This surgery becomes essential when the patient suffers from a very damaged Kneecap, a dislocated Kneecap. It is a very short procedure with a rapid recovery time.
  4. Complex (or revision) Knee Replacement Surgery – This surgery is required when an already present prosthetic Knee Joint has failed or worn out. A Revision Knee Replacement Surgery can be performed many times but the formation of scar tissue from the earlier Knee procedures can make this surgery a bit challenging.

3. How do I know I need a Knee Replacement Surgery?

There are a few criteria, which should be considered before finalizing a Knee Replacement Surgery for a particular patient with Knee pain. These include:

  • If the patient is suffering from a persistent pain and it doesn’t get better despite taking ample amount of rest
  • If the pain is very extreme in nature and is limiting the patient from performing his or her routine chores, recreational activities
  • If there is stiffness in the Knee because of the pain
  • If there is considerable amount of instability owing to the weakness and pain
  • If the patient is unable to stand for long hours and this span is reducing with time
  • If there is significant amount of deformity resulting from the pain; deformities such as Bow-legs or Knock Knees
  • If the Knee has suffered serious amount of damage because of Arthritic conditions Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Post-traumatic Arthritis, an accident-related injury, Gout, etc.
  • If the patient has tried the other conventional forms of treatment like Physiotherapy, medications, and others – but haven’t got any relief

4. How successful is Knee Replacement Surgery?

The different types of Knee Replacement Surgery are considered as miracles in the field of Orthopaedics. Patients from all over the globe are very confidently going for this procedure without any worries and the reason is successful Knee Replacement Surgery and the associated surgical success rate, which is very appreciable. Every year, thousands of patients are getting back on their feet and the credit goes to this surgery.

5. Which latest technology is implemented in Knee Replacement Surgery?

Similar to the other healthcare fields, Orthopaedics too has undergone revolutionary amount of progress; more specifically, the field of joint surgery. The latest addition to this field is Computer-assisted surgery. In this, the best knee surgeons top hospitals takes the help of a computer-driven technology that enhances the skills of the surgeons and takes the accuracy level much higher, which can surely boost the longevity of the surgical outcome.

6. How much does it cost to get a full Knee Replacement Surgery?

Irrespective of the treatment or surgery that is required or how urgent is the need, one thing that comes on top of the list is the cost involved. In this matter, India has emerged to be favorite. The cost to get a full Knee Replacement Surgery is only $4,000 in India, which is extremely affordable as compared to other developed countries like UK or USA, where this surgery costs $40,000 and $50,000, respectively.

Also, the expenses involved in getting different types of Knee Replacement Surgery are $4,200 for a Partial Knee Replacement Surgery, $7,500 for a Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery, $5,500 for a Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery and a couple of more surgical approaches. Like Total Knee Replacement Surgery, these surgeries too are very inexpensive in India.


With so much benefits associated with this particular surgery, it is undoubtedly one of the most advantageous inventions in the field of healthcare. Knee Replacement Surgery has surely come a long way; specifically, in India and it is the highly progressive technology implemented in Knee Replacement Surgery that is boosting the confidence of the worldwide patients in choosing India.

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