Stem Cell Therapy Helped Paralyzed Patient to Recover His Upper Body Movement

By | February 22, 2019
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There is no dearth to the examples of people losing their control and consciousness while driving and opening up their eyes in the hospital yelling where they are. Similar is the Magic Story of Kristopher Boesen who experienced similar things meeting paralysis making his upper body dysfunctional. His area below the neck has wreaked havoc and was not responding due to the paralytic attack. The car ramming in the tree and lashing out the lamp post made all the chaos in his life. As he reached hospital his parents were soon called and was informed by the doctor that the young man might not be able to get from the bed and that his body below the neck has become dysfunctional and will never be able to respond the way it was doing earlier. However, the ray of hope was laying in the treatment called the stem cell therapy for paralysis.

Paralyzed Patient gain his uper body movement after treat stem cells

He was given the opportunity to pass through the life changing treatment option that works on the basis of stem cells that have the potential to fix the injuries in the nervous tissues seeking the help of the damaged cells replacement. The doctors informed that this is just an experiment and it does not come with the guarantee of restorating the paralysis of the patient, but to the patient, it was worthy risk to take. The treatment started way back in April led by Dr. Liu who injected around 10 million AST-OPC1 cells directly in the cervical spinal cord of the patient. For those who do not know, AST-OPC1 cells are the ones that are donated eggs, which are fertilized in vitro. The doctor explained that the procedure saying that spinal cord injury patients are required to undergo the surgery that helps in making the spine stable but barely takes a lesser time to restore the sensory or motor function.

stem cell therapy for paralysis in India

This procedure helps in enhancing upon the neurological function, which could define the difference found in between being permanently paralyzed and being able to use the arms and hands of the patient. Restoring the body functions can help in significantly improving the day to day life of the patient who are suffering from severe spinal injuries. So, with all said and done, the treatment commenced and in just three weeks of the stem cell therapy, the patient started giving some signs of improvement and just after two months he could do things like answering the phone and doing things while being on his wheelchair. He is able to regain a good amount of improvement in his motor functions. This has further helped in the transmissions of messages working between the brain and the group of muscle to start the movement.

The patient was seen recovering his two spinal chords working in a right way that helped him to regain the movement abilities. This was just the difference between the minimal movement and the capability to function the body on his own. The patient was able to regain this incredibly vital function of his body liberating from the pain he had in his life. The patient was overjoyed and said that all he wanted was the chance to fight against the odds but with this treatment option, he got the chance to walk free from the ailment and can now do things on his own with great hope and energy. Though the patient is completely able to function his body as previous but to a great extent has been able to do things on his wheel chair. The doctors are only experimenting and hopeful to see some more improvement in the future to get rid of the ailments due to paralysis. This is a good start and the doctors are hopeful to carry out more such magic using stem cell therapy.

Watch Video of First Paralyzed Human Treated With Stem Cells Treatment

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