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By | June 25, 2018

Overview: Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee replacement surgery is a major surgery and it is very important that each and every aspect associated with is studied well before finalizing it. Also, needs a lot of commitment and willingness from the patients to achieve maximum results. Today, knee issues like Osteoporosis or Osteoarthritis, or any injury can affect a person belonging to any age and these are surely very restricting in nature because of the pain and discomfort that come with these.

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What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of A Total Knee Replacement Surgery?

  • When traditional forms of treatment like physiotherapy, ointments, medications are not working
  • Pain relief injections not providing any relief
  • Persistent pain which doesn’t lower even the patient rests
  • The patient is not able to stand for a long time
  • Difficulty in getting up after sitting for a long time

Which Knee Replacement Implant Is Considered The Best?

The Knee implants are focused on enhancing the patient’s mobility and range of motion. Some of the different types of implants that are making Total Knee Replacement surgery India a very preferred procedure are:

  • Uni compartmental Implants
  • Fixed Bearing Implants
  • Mobile Bearing Implants

An ideal Knee Implant should:

  • Allow the patients to perform the routine activities smoothly,
  • last at least 15-20 years,
  • have a good success rate
  • should provide the patients long-lasting relief

The most effective type of knee replacement implant is the ‘single radius knee’. This is because it offers maximum level of extension and flexibility for majority of patients, irrespective of the age group, gender, activity level and much more.

With extremely inexpensive cost of Total Knee Replacement Surgery India, such patients can easily afford the implants required for this surgery.

Step-By-Step Guide For Total Knee Replacement Surgery For Abroad Patients In India

So that the medical tourists gain maximum benefits from Total Knee Replacement surgery India, we provide step-by-step guidance to make it totally hassle-free for them.

Step 1: The patients can get all the relevant and detailed information on our website. Details about the surgeries, hospitals, doctors and more about our offers

Step 2: Once they have found the needed surgery or treatment, they can shortlist the particular treatment centres or hospitals that they interested in.

Step 3: Next is where they have to complete and send us the Enquiry Form with your queries.

Step 4: We will go through these requirements and send the patients the relevant answers, the terms and conditions as well as our offers

Step 5: If requested, we also send an estimate of the expenditure involved. Also, we send a list of the test reports and other details that we will need before proceeding

Step 6: Once the patients confirm, we organize an email-based consultation and the specific medical professionals, where the patients can ask anything treatment-related questions

Step 7: After this, the doctor will confirm if the patient is apt for the particular surgery. Based on this, the final treatment cost is conveyed to the patients

Step 8: Before arriving to India, the patients can put across any number of queries so that it is ensured that the patients are making an informed decision. We can forward these emails to the concerned specialists or telephonic conversations are viable

Step 9: Once the patients are clear about the whole process and have given consent, they are required to pay a non-refundable deposit for ‘Registration’, so that we can make the arrangements like accommodation, travelling, pre-surgery consultations, etc. This amount is approximately 30 percent of the total expenditure

Step 10: We will need a confirmed date about the patients’ arrival, two weeks before they reach here

Step 11: Once we receive the travel details, we will send them the confirmed booking details, other details related to the treatment process, appointment, accommodation and Tour2india4health Holiday, if the patients opt for any

Step 12: On their arrival, the patients are welcomed by our representative and taken to where the accommodation arrangements have been made

Step 13: The next day, the patients are taken for their pre-surgical appointment with the top class knee surgeon India. The patients or the surgeons are not under any kind of obligation to go ahead with the procedure, till this step is completed. Once the surgeon gives a go-ahead and the patients are also comfortable with the decision, then the patients need to make the balance payment. Then the surgery is scheduled. However, in case due to any medical reasons, if the surgeons feel that the surgery can’t be done, or if the patients decide not to go ahead, then the surgery stands cancelled

Step 14: If a patient has chosen a Tour India Holiday or a Rejuvenation Package prior to the procedure, then he or she will depart for the same. Otherwise, the patient is admitted to the finalized hospital/clinic, to proceed with the surgery

Step 15: Once recovered and the surgeons have given permission to travel, the patients either return home or leave for their post-treatment holiday


Irrespective of whether the patients choose any of our holiday packages, we ensure that they surely have a very rewarding treatment experience, in the matter of Total Knee Replacement surgery. No wonder the number of patients availing Total Knee Replacement surgery India is going up with passing time.

Get Free Opinion, Quote, Medical Visa Invitation and Assistance at Every Step of Your Treatment in India. You can send medical report at : or You can call us : +919325887033.

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