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Cryopreservation of Sperms:

Many men and women suffer from health problems that permanently affect their reproductive faculties; tumors and the treatments associated with them such as surgeries, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are examples of those problems. In addition, many people experience natural processes of deterioration of their reproductive faculties. Thanks to cryopreservation, if these people wish to be parents in the future, their oocytes and sperm can be preserved in order to be used for future treatments of assisted fertilization.

How is a Cryopreservation of Sperms surgery treated?

The oocytes are collected by punction after ovarian hyperstimulation, a method used in other treatments that involve assisted fertilization. The sperm is collected by normal ejaculation if the availability is good; otherwise, they are collected by punction. Then they are placed in labeled airtight glass containers and are immersed in liquid nitrogen. They can be preserved in this condition for a long time.

The results

The recovery rate of sperm once they have been defrosted is about 80% and 85%, whereas the recovery rate of oocytes is about 60%.


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