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Tour2india4health has been successfully treating and providing healthcare services to patients from across the Globe who are seeking cost effective and quality surgery in India. This is an informative page for our health seeking friends and patients from African Countries covering all the aspects of traveling to India from for excellent medical care.


Network Hospital

Tour2india4health is the first registered (Government of India) medical tourism and healthcare provider group of India. Tour2india4health is the premier most International Patient Care and the leading medical tourism service provider of India assisting the healthcare needs of individuals seeking all forms of medical treatments and surgeries in India. The hospitals and clinics in our international association are among the most advanced medical facilities in the world, with specific programs carefully designed for the patients needs. Tour2india4health provides you easy access to the largest network of healthcare providers-hospitals, nursing homes, surgeons, physicians and clinics of India. The network is spread in more than 15 cities of India and there are more than 5000 healthcare professionals in the panel. We are ISO QMS certified for all our administrative protocols ensuring best practices for our patients.


Knee Surgery India

Africa is a land of diversity and contrasts. This is true of its land, climate, people, and wildlife. The continent of Africa comprises one-fifth of the total Earth's land mass. It is the second largest continent and is divided into 53 different countries. Africa was the birthplace of the human species between 8 million and 5 million years ago. Today, the vast majority of its inhabitants are of indigenous origin. Africa is home to innumerable tribes, ethnic and social groups, some representing very large populations consisting of millions of people, others are smaller groups of a few thousand. Some countries have over 20 different ethnic groups, and also are greatly diverse in beliefs. The vast continent of Africa is so rich and diverse in it's culture with it not only changing from one country to another but within an individual country many different cultures can be found. Africa has a rich tradition of arts and crafts. African arts and crafts find expression in a variety of woodcarvings, brass and leather art works. African arts and crafts also include sculpture, paintings, pottery, ceremonial and religious headgear and dress. African culture has always placed emphasis on personal appearance and jewelry has remained an important personal accessory. Africa is known worldwide for its spectacular and unique wildlife species. The elephant, rhino, hippopotamus, lion, leopard, wildebeest, zebra, countless antelope, gazelle, giraffe, baboon, mountain gorilla, chimpanzee, lemur, hyena, African wild dog, are some of the more well known animals that live in the savanna and tropical rainforest regions. The need to protect some endangered species and to preserve the various habitats of all African wildlife and have resulted in the formation of a number of national parks.  But when it comes to medical facilities in African countries, poor condition and inadequately availability of good doctors, nurses, hospitals, equipments forces the African people to look outside their country for treatment. With medical tourism picking up at a fast pace, a large number of patients are travelling from Africa to India for various medical and surgical treatments. The real attraction to medical tourism to India for African patients is saving money on what normally are very costly procedures i.e. the cost of surgery in India for kidney transplants, cancer treatments, among others, can be as low as just a tenth or are not even available in most of the African countries.


Tour india

Located in South Asia, bordered by Pakistan, Nepal, China and Bangladesh, India is South Asia's largest, sovereign, democratic republic. Teeming with a billion plus people, India will amaze you with its in your face diversity; be it the snow wrapped peaks of the north, the sunny beaches down south, to thick forests, beautiful temples, vibrant festivals and to cities that have become the IT hubs of the country, India today has become synonymous with "multi dimensional". India's boasts of one of the world's fastest growing economies. Delhi, India's capital city has not always been its capital but has been an important gateway city and has immense historical and cultural significance. Owing to its extreme diversity, India makes an interesting tourist destination and mouth watering cuisine that would want people to come back for more. Spiritually, India is a secular country where many religions were born and flourished. Rulers, visitors & invaders have all contributed towards her spiritualism and religion with a consequential list of holy places of a multitude of sects and religions spread throughout the country. India is a country of ancient times with unlimited natural resources. Its ancient culture, the rivers, mountains and vegetation, not to forget its exotic spices, make the country a wonderful place to visit or to live. Mark Twain once said, "So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds. Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked."


African Citizen

India has one of the best qualified professionals in each and every field, and this fact has now been realized the world over. Regarding Medical Facilities India has the most competent doctors and world class Medical Facilities. With most competitive charges for treatment, India is a very lucrative destination for people wanting to undergo treatment of certain medical problems. India offers World Class Medical Facilities, comparable with any of the western countries. India has state of the art Hospitals and the best qualified doctors. With the best infrastructure, the best possible Medical facilities, accompanied with the most competitive prices, you can get the treatment done in India at the lowest charges.

African Citizens are very sensitive towards their health requirements. Since the medical infrastructure is not so highly developed in African countries, patients prefer to travel abroad for medical management. This has been the case in past also when only the rich and the affluent traveled to USA and Europe for healthcare. With India emerging as one of the Medical hubs of the world, just like patients from other countries, patients from Africa have also now started coming to India for all health and medical related issues.

African Citizens are very sensitive towards their health requirements. Since the medical infrastructure is not so highly developed in African countries, patients prefer to travel abroad for medical management. This has been the case in past also when only the rich and the affluent traveled to USA and Europe for healthcare. With India emerging as one of the Medical hubs of the world, just like patients from other countries, patients from Africa have also now started coming to India for all health and medical related issues.

  • Straight forward - simple booking procedure
  • Low cost - a fraction of the cost of UK/USA private surgery.
  • Low risk - world's highest standards of clinical care & surgery.
  • Lowest infection rates - Less than 0.5%.
  • Fast efficient service -immediate treatment - no waiting lists.
  • Full patient support service - 24/7 service.
  • No doctors’ referral necessary.
  • Specialist consultations - scans, clinical investigations & consultations at short notice.
  • Strive constantly to maintain the highest levels of service.
  • Seeking excellence in healthcare.
  • Simple Straight forward approach towards the client.
  • Excellent quality of service.
  • High speed delivery of our services.
  • We are reactive and responsive to our clients needs.
  • To provide a low risk safe environment ensuring at all times client safety.
  • The world’s highest standards of clinical care & surgery.


Let’s understand the process of coming to India for successful and economically priced medical treatment. The process begins with the patient sending his query and medical history by email or discussing the medical condition on phone with a healthcare manager. The reports and the case is studied by our senior surgeons/physicians for a detailed medical opinion which is then conveyed to the patient for the patient to understand and plan further. As a mandatory protocol all reports are studied by not less than 3 Experts for Unbiased Comprehensive Medical Opinions. After this the patient can travel to India on pre-Confirmed dates. We assist our patients from African countries in getting medical visa approval plus we also arrange all logistic and travel related requirements. More details can be read at the Step by Step Guide for better understanding of the process.


Our Network of the Hospitals is spread in 15 cities of India with ground support and the logistics services present in all the cities. Based on the medical reports of the patients, our experts recommend them the most suitable facility for their medical management. The recommendation also takes into consideration the financial aspect of the patient’s family, air connectivity of the patient’s home town and the destination of the medical treatment and the duration of the time period that a patient would be required to stay in India. We understand that based on individual patients needs these are very important factors on which the patient’s decision is based. Besides the Corporate Hospitals our network also spreads to Multi Specialty Nursing Homes, Brand Clinics, Trust Hospitals and Economy Hospitals where treatments are much more affordable. This makes it possible for patients of all socio economic status to get quality healthcare. Following are some of the Corporate Hospitals and Clinics associated to Tour2india4health Consultants where our Ethiopia patients can get the best desired quality medical treatment-

Hospitals in India
  Icon, representing Apollo Group of Hospitals Apollo Group of Hospitals Icon, representing Asian Heart Institute Asian Heart Institute
  Icon, representing Wockhardt Group of Hospitals Wockhardt Group of Hospitals Icon, representing Saifee Hospital Saifee Hospital
  Icon, representing Fortis Group of Hospitals Fortis Group of Hospitals Icon, representing Seven Hill Hospital Seven Hills Hospital
  Icon, representing Max Group of Hospitals Max Group of Hospitals Icon, representing Hinduja Hospital Hinduja Hospital
  Icon, representing Asia Columbia Group of Hospitals Asia Columbia Group of Hospitals Icon, representing Tata Memorial Hospital Tata Memorial Hospital
  Icon, representing Hiranandani Hospital Hiranandani Hospital Icon, representing Prince Aly Khan Hospital Prince Aly Khan Hospital
  Icon, representing Breach Candy Hospital Breach Candy Hospital Icon, representing Prince Holy Family Hospital Holy Family Hospital
  Icon, representing Leelavati Hospital Leelavati Hospial Icon, representing Escort Heart Institute Escort Heart Institute
  Icon, representing Bombay Hospital Bombay Hospital Icon, representing Metro Hospital Metro Hospital
  Icon, representing Jaslok Hospital Jaslok Hospital Icon, representing AIIMS Hospital AIIMS Hospital
  Icon, representing VIMHANS Hospital VIMHANS Hospital Icon, representing Artemis Hospital Artemis Hospital
  Icon, representing Krishna Hospital Krishna Hospital Icon, representing Primus Hospital Primus Hospital
  Icon, representing SAL Hospital SAL Hospital Icon, representing Privat Hospital Privat Hospital
  Icon, representing Ruby Hospital Ruby Hospital Icon, representing Rockland Hospital Rockland Hospital
  Icon, representing Sterling Hospital Sterling Hospital Icon, representing Gangaram Hospital Gangaram Hospital
  Icon, representing Jehangir Hospital Jehangir Hospital Icon, representing Sitaram Bhartia Hospital Sitaram Bhartia Hospital
  Icon, representing Lakeshore Hospital Lakeshore Hospital Icon, representing Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital
  Icon, representing Peerless Hospital Peerless Hospital Icon, representing Orange City Hospital Orange City Hospital
  Icon, representing Saltlake Hospital Saltlake Hospital Icon, representing KIMS Hospital KIMS Hospital
  Icon, representing Manipal Hospital Manipal Hospital Icon, representing Milestone Hospital Milestone Hospital
  Icon, representing Shroff Eye Hospital Shroff Eye Hospital Icon, representing LV Prasad Eye Institute LV Prasad Eye Institute
  Icon, representing NM Excellence NM Excellence    

Above mentioned are some of the top corporate hospitals of India empanelled with us. Besides these we have a network of Specialized Clinics and Nursing Homes for budget patients.


Patients from Nigeria come to India for all the possible treatments. The top choices are as follows

Spine and Neurosurgery -The scope of neuro and spinal operations has broadened widely. There is allot of research which is being done in this field and a result many newer techniques have evolved. Read More...
Cardiosurgery and Cardiac Medical Conditions - Cardiac surgery is surgery of the heart or the other primary blood vessels which include Vena cavae, Pulmonary artery, Pulmonary veins, Aorta. With the advancement of medical science and technological growth doctors are more equipped and competent to handle cardiac surgeries. Read More...
Orthopedics and Joint Replacements: Joint Replacement Surgery is a surgical procedure in which the damaged or worn parts of the joint are replaced with new artificial parts. Lately, Joint Replacement Surgery has become a commonplace procedure and is one of the most successful elective surgeries done today.  Read More...
General and Endoscopic Surgery: General surgery is frequently performed to alleviate suffering when a cure is unlikely through medication alone. It can be used for such routine procedures performed in a physician's office or for more complicated operations requiring a medical team in a hospital setting. Read More...
Cancer Management and Oncosurgery : There are many different types of Cancers and all of them require different kind of treatments and surgeries. Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, Oncosurgery, Biological therapy (immunotherapy), Hormone therapy, Combination therapy, Adjuvant therapy and Neoadjuvant therapy are amongst the most common treatments. Read More...
Obesity and Weight Loss Surgery: Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have an adverse effect on health, leading to reduced life expectancy and/or increased health problems. Obesity Surgery reduces or bypasses the stomach/small intestine. The Surgery is an effective alternative to treat severe obesity. Only people who suffer from morbid obesity are suggested to undergo procedures. Read More...
Urosurgery and Prostate Related Conditions: Urosurgery is a field of surgical specialty involved in the surgical evaluation and treatment of diseases involving the organs of the excretory system kidneys, ureters, bladders, prostate, testicles, penile organs, etc. The surgeons who attend patients with urological conditions are called Urologist. Most of the patients who face urological problems suffer from Kidney stone, Prostate Cancer etc.  Read More...
Gynecology and Female Specific Conditions: Provides you Information about gynecological diseases and conditions including uterine fibroid tumors, ovarian cysts, PCOS, endometriosis, and vulvodynia, as well as many other female reproductive system abnormalities. Read More...
Health Checkups and Diagnostics: It is strongly proposed that the annual check-up should be given its own dedicated time. Doctors and patients usually spend very little time together- usually an entire visit to the doctor is spent for discussing the current illness with the patient. It is suggested that it would be much better if both set aside time once a year to make sure they're proactively maintaining a good health, rather than just reacting and responding to problems as they occur. Read More...
Infertility Management and Artificial Reproduction techniques: Assisted reproductive technology (ART) is a general term referring to methods used to achieve pregnancy by artificial or partially artificial means. It is reproductive technology used primarily in infertility treatments. Some forms of ART are also used in fertile couples for genetic reasons. ART is also used in couples who are discordant for certain communicable diseases. Read More...
Ophthalmology and Eye Related Condition: Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine which deals with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye. The term ophthalmologist refers to a specialist in medical and surgical eye problems. The World Health Organization publishes a classification of known diseases and injuries called the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems or ICD-10 for the Eye Related Conditions. Read More...
Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery: Though cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is the best-known kind of plastic surgery, most plastic surgery is not cosmetic: plastic surgery includes many types of reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, and the treatment of burns. Plastic surgery is a special type of surgery that can involve both a person's appearance and ability to function. Read More...  
Pediatric General Surgery: Pediatric General surgery is a subspecialty of surgery involving the surgery of fetuses, infants, children, and adolescents. As children are in the growing stage they require special attention and experts for their treatment. Common pediatric diseases that may require pediatric surgery include congenital malformations: lymphangioma, cleft lip Etc... Read More...
Pediatric Cardiac Surgery: Pediatric Cardiac Surgery deals with operative procedures dealing with newborn and unborn children and youngsters suffering from cardiac dysfunctions. Structural, functional and rhythm-related issues of the heart are dealt with by the Pediatric Cardiology. Cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, anesthesiologists and other specialists work closely together to care for newborn as well as unborn children suffering from cardio-vascular disorders. Read More...
Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery: Pediatric Orthopedic conditions are relatively common. In most cases the observed abnormalities are simply variations of normal development and with growth these deformities undergo spontaneous correction. However there are some conditions which might require surgical intervention Ex. Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH), Knock Knees & Bow Legs, Flat Foot, Club Foot, Irritable Hip and Perthes' Disease. Read More...
Aesthetic Dentistry and Dental Surgery: Cosmetic dentistry is dental work that improves the appearance and function of a person's teeth. Dentistry is the art and science of improving the appearance (esthetics), function and health of the teeth and associated structures. Common Dental procedures are Whitening, Enamel shaping, Contouring, Dental bridges and Veneers. Read More...
Minimal Access Surgery: A minimally invasive procedure is any procedure (surgical or otherwise) that is less invasive than open surgery used for the same purpose. A minimally invasive procedure typically involves use of laparoscopic devices and remote-control manipulation of instruments with indirect observation of the surgical field through an endoscope or similar device, and is carried out through the skin or through a body cavity or anatomical opening. This results in shorter hospital stays, or allows outpatient treatment. Read More...
Organ Transplants: Organ transplantation is the moving of an organ from one body to another or from a donor site on the patient's own body, for the purpose of replacing the recipient's damaged or absent organ. The emerging field of Regenerative medicine is allowing scientists and engineers to create organs to be re-grown from the patient's own cells (stem cells, or cells extracted from the failing organs). Read More...
Leukemia and Blood Cancer Management: Leukemia is cancer that starts in the tissue that forms blood. In a person with leukemia; the bone marrow makes abnormal white blood cells. The abnormal cells are leukemia cells. Unlike normal blood cells, leukemia cells don't die when they should. They may crowd out normal white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. This makes it hard for normal blood cells to do their work. Read More...
Laser Surgery: A laser is a high-energy beam of light that can selectively transfer energy into tissue to treat the skin. Many surgical procedures are performed using lasers. General surgeons use a variety of laser wavelengths and laser delivery systems to cut, coagulate, vaporize or remove tissue. Laser surgery is widely used in different areas of specialization such as dermatology, dentistry, head and neck surgery, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, podiatry, urology and in the treatment of certain cancers. Read More...


Tour2india4health Consultants has always been instrumental in introducing the latest and the best techniques for the book-appointment-tour2india4healthInternational Patients. We have achieved many milestones, some of them worth mentioning are
  • High Frequency Ultrasound for Prostate Cancer
  • Single Hole Surgery for Weight Loss
  • Percutaneous Laser Spine Surgery
  • High Flex Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Gamma Knife for Brain Tumors
  • Cyberknife for Complex Cancers


Tour2india4health Consultants represents more than 5000 Surgeons and Physicians in its network panel. India has one of the best qualified professionals in each and every field, and this fact has now been realized the world over. We have taken upon ourselves the task of sharing the responsibility of easing the backlog that exists in the healthcare systems of many countries including Ethiopia whilst providing access to world-class tertiary healthcare to countries that do not possess the facilities indigenously by making available the Indian tertiary healthcare expertise. You can view the profile of the some of our top surgeons and physicians on the following links-

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One of the primary areas where Tour2india4health Consultants has been recognized widely in Ethiopia is the concept of Health Tours. A Health Tour would typically include a Comprehensive Health checkup of the Full Body and Tours to some of the Popular Destinations.

Full Body Checkups would be followed by detailed evaluation of the reports and counseling of the patient based on the reports of the investigations. After the session of the Health Checkup-full day spas are organized, then followed by City Tours for about 2 to 3 days to all the major city destinations. Such Health Tours are best done in groups and corporate have been buying packages for their executives.

  Mr. Fourie, South Africa
Weight Loss Surgery for his wife


We have been treating an average of 300 patients every year from African Countries and the numbers have been rising every year. Our Fellow Brothers and Prospective Patients would like to see the reviews of previously operated patients. They can do so by clicking on the following links-


Ms. Tania - South Africa
Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery in India

I went through the site and was thoroughly impressed by the packages they offered, On reaching India, the very same day I meet my bariatric surgeon who discussed my surgery details and scheduled for the surgery the next day itself. I want to thank Tour2India4Health Group and his team for their help and support in arranging the best medical facilities with the best quality of services provided during my gastric sleeve surgery in India.
Mr. Chunara, South Africa
Minimal Invasive Spine Fusion Surgery

I am Mr. Chunara from South Africa. I came for my minimal invasive spine fusion surgery in India at the best minimal invasive spine fusion surgery hospital at Mumbai in India associated with Tour2india4health. I am very happy with the treatment. I want to thank the team for arranging the best possible medical facilities.
Mr. Charles - Africa
Breast Cancer Surgery for his wife in India

I am Mr. Charles; I am from Africa, to be specific from Nigeria. Recently, we were in Delhi for our Breast Carcinoma Surgery in India for me wife. Tour2India4Health Group for carrying out such wonderful arrangements. In this way the medical team performed a perfect Breast Carcinoma Surgery in India with utmost professionalism and precaution.


All foreign nationals travelling to India require a visa; a visa is a form of permission to enter a country. You can apply for the Indian visa at the Indian Consulate in Dar es Salaam. The Embassy has set guidelines for acquiring Tourist or Medical visa. Please click here to Read more…

With India being rated among the best destinations for medical tourism and healthcare services, you can explore your options with us of getting the finest healthcare. When you come to get medical treatment in India you get an immediate medical appointment from our surgeons as our staff works at a very fast pace providing 24/7 hours of medical assistance, accommodation, airport pick up, inland conveyance facility for moving to and fro between the hospital and your lodging destination, advanced medical lodging at the hospital premises, access to internationally trained surgeons, JCI recognized medical staff, excellent hygienic food and recreation facilities like holiday tours at renowned Indian resorts. Patients from Tanzania suffering from serious health ailments and are seeking timely and cost effective medical care in India are requested to send their medical case details by filling this

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or calling us directly on
our phone lines- +91 98607 55000 and +91 93711 36499.

Below are the downloadable links that will help you to plan your medical trip to India in a more organized and better way. Attached word and pdf files gives information that will help you to know India more and make your trip to India easy and memorable one.

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Visa For India Click Here to Download Word Document Click Here to Download PDF Document    

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