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    International Patient Videos:
Mr. Mohommad, Bangladesh
International Patient Videos
Mr. Mohommad, Bangladesh
Mini Tummy Tuck - Liposuction Surgery

Low cost tummy tuck at Goa in India at modern cosmetic surgery centers 

Modern cosmetic surgery centers provide low cost tummy tuck at Goa in India. Many people are unhappy with their bulging abdominal regions. This is because we store a great deal of fat around our waist, leading to the common "beer belly" or "spare tire" that so often grows as we get older. Expanding stomachs always make our lives difficult, as our clothes tighten and our self-esteem plummets. This excess fat is usually very difficult to lose, and both men and women usually face a difficult battle in their attempts to reduce their waistlines. In other cases, extreme weight loss or pregnancy cause a build up of extra skin around the middle which creates unsightly and unattractive folds that exercise and diet cannot reduce. The procedure of tummy tuck at Goa in India removes excess fat, and then straighten and smooth the stomach giving a patient a more slim and lean look. The form of a belly wall can be very different, characteristic for people of the different age. The surgery makes the abdomen more firm. Tummy tuck  is an operation on a forward wall of a tummy. A Similar operation was performed on Mohommad, a native from Bangladesh at Mumbai in India. The surgery made his abdomen more firm and gave it a slim look. Mohommad seemed to be very happy after  perceiving the post surgery benefits and he thanked Tour2india4health and Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani (CEO,Tour2india4health) for making his visit healthy and successful. The procedure of tummy tuck at Goa in India, similar to Mumbai city is carried out at foremost cosmetic surgery hospitals of the region. The treatment is combined with numerous tour packages across the fabulous country. India is best known as a tourist's paradise, that offers a choice of beaches, majestic palaces, refreshing hill stations and more. With the new trend of medical tourism in India, now vacationers can enjoy a rejuvenating holiday and also avail of world-class medical treatment of tummy tuck at Goa in India.

Mr. Mohommad


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